Tyranid Bits: A Call to Arms

This week I spent some time finishing up my options for both my Tyranid warriors and monstrous creatures.  Well, that’s a bit of a misnomer, since my warriors are still in need of some form of lash whips, but this is definitely progress.

The ten sets of wings are magnetized to fit on the backs of my warriors to instantly turn them into Shrikes as needed.  Originally I was using the wings from the dark pegasus model from WHFB, but without the ability to easily buy bits direct from GW anymore, I had to find another option, and gargoyle wings are a bit small, but I think they work.

For the arms, I didn’t have any ‘stranglers for my MC’s, and needed another bone sword to deck out a second Tyrant properly.  The other arms/guns are there just to round out the arsenal.

Now, I know that these posts might seem almost frivilous to some people, seeing as there’s not even a single complete model in the lot, but it does take quite a while to finish this many bits.  Looking at these, it’s pretty clear that I lost sight of my orignal plan with my nids.  I was looking for something that was super quick and easy to paint.  Now, granted, this isn’t anywhere near prize-winning work, but all of these pieces have more colors, and more coats than I’d originally intended.  Of course, the end result is a bit prettier than I’d expected as well, so that’s alright with me. 🙂

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