Venomthropes or Tyrant Guard…

Whichever I decide to feel these models as, I’ve finished painting them.  Yes, they still need to be based, and they also need to be dipped, but I don’t include either of those steps in considering a model to be “painted.”

These guys are Teraphs from the Legion of Everblight range of models for the game Hordes.  When I first purchased them, I really thought they’d be taller, but I’m pleased with the size of them.  As they are, they stand roughly equivalent in size as a Tyrant Guard model. 

Originally I just was going to paint them up in the standard blue/bone scheme that I use for all of my models–without bothering to paint a squad color on them.  After I’d gotten them to that point though, they just looked entirely too plain, so I went back and painted in the stripes.  To mix things up a little bit, I went with a psuedo-lightning bolt motif.

I contemplated painting them alike, but figured I’d more likely run them as seperate units than a matched set.  I still haven’t decided what I’ll be using them as, but I’m pleased with how they turned out, so I’ll definitely use them as something…

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