500 points of Orkzes

In contniuing the breakdown of 500 point armies for the upcoming tourney, I’m turning my attention to greenskins.

It would seem that they have a couple of advantages that other armies don’t have:

  • Cheap Units (for massive hordes)
  • Low cost, low armor vehicles that slip beneath the 33 armor cap
  • Wound allocation games, courtesy of Nob bikers (or Nobz in general)

That’s alot going for them, as to deal with them effectively, you need to deal with both mass infantry, as well as armored targets.  This particular list I’ve been kicking around is based around the same concept as the iGuard Sentinel list I posted: more Kanz = more dakka.

Orks (500pts)

  • Troops:
    • Boyz Mob x26 + Nob w/ Powerklaw
    • Troops:
      • Killer Kanz x2 w/ Rokkit Launchas
      • Killer Kanz x2 w/ Rokkit Launchas
      • Killer Kanz x2 w/ Rokkit Launchas

It has both infantry, and armored targets, but clearly the main threat comes from the Kanz.  If they focus on them, 27 boys will do some real damage–but if they focus on the boyz, 6 Kanz will wreak havoc. 

As far as lists go, I think this is as solid as any other list I’ve come up with… which is impressive, seeing as the codex is a little on the old side.

“Ere We Go” image copyright Games Workshop, from the classic Rogue Trader book…


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