More "Counts As" Tyranids: Courtesy of Hordes

Last month I posted about some alternate models for Tyranids and promised to follow up with the other two units I purchased: the Angelius & the Carnivean. 

The Angelius

Like the earlier models, these are all models from the Legion of Everblight range for the game Hordes by Privateer Press.  The Raek was my original inspiration for purchase (as he reminded me of the classic “Red Terror” model), and when he came in the mail, I figured it was worth trying to pick up some other models.  That’s where these guys come in.

First I want to post the success.  The Angelius is a big, blind bird.  Size-wise it’s larger than a warrior (or at least taller), though it’s torso is relatively small.  Essentially, the model is all wings, with a serpentine body.  I s’pose this might work out to an advantage, because the 5th edition 40k rules dictate that wings are an extremity, so they don’t count for drawing line of sight.  I don’t really think anyone will take issue with this though, since he’s one of the very few independent characters in the codex, so he’ll be hiding in units of gargoyles or shrikes all the time.

What I like about the Angelius is that it looks Tyrannical.  The wings are very similar to the striated dark pegasus wings I used on my original flying warriors (and for my flying tyrant).  I can really picture the painted model blending in with the rest of my force seemlessly.

As for complaints, the only thing I have a beef with is that he didn’t go together smoothly.  With such big wings covering the model and attaching in small way, pins are definitely required to put him together.  And when I joined his upper body to the tail, it required putty to fill in a huge gap.  I’m not sure if this is model design, or my lackluster assembly skills (likely the latter), but it didn’t impress me too much.

Overall though, I love it, and would recommend it for someone who’s looking for a cheap and easy model to use for the Parasite of Mortrex.


Raging Colossus

So that brings me to my failure: the Carnivean.  If you recall, my original intent was to use this guy as a Swarmlord, but when he arrived, it became clear that he wasn’t going to work.  Size-wise, he’s only a little smaller than the “official model”(despite there not being an official model, per se, he’s really just a Hive Tyrant with alternate weaponry, right?).  So, despite being about the right size, he just doesn’t have that Tyranid feel.

Once assembled, he doesn’t look like a big space-bug.  He honestly looks more like some sort of rock beast.  When I got him put together, I immediately thought of the Colossi (which is a weird looking plural for Raging Colossus–the mobs you can find around the Burning Crusade expansion, but really the ones that came to mind are in the Western half o the Hellfire Peninsula). 

By the way, is it obvious that I’m recovering WoW addict?

Anywho, the model has the same sort of face as the rest of the Everblight figures I’ve purchased, but the exaggerated back spikes and Popeye-like forearms, this just doesn’t fit in with the rest of my Tyranid force.  So, I have an extra model laying around the house now (just what I needed, right?).  Well, since I have six total Hordes models, perhaps I’ll actually give that game a shot one day…

Not a Swarmlord

So, as a final recap, I’m a fan of the Raek, Teraph, and Angelius, but not so much of the Carnivean.  With a 75% success rate, I’d say this overall purchase has been pleasant.   It also appears that they’ve recently updated the line of models for the Legion of Everblight warbeasts, but none of the new models seem to fit the Tyranid theme.  The only model in that line I’m really impressed with now, and think might have some possibilities is Thagrosh, but he’s iffy-at best as a Tyranid unit, and comes in at a whopping $45.  Granted, in comparison to GW models that isn’t bad, but it’s just not for me… well, unless I start playing Hordes one day..


2 comments on “More "Counts As" Tyranids: Courtesy of Hordes

  1. Your Parasite stand in looks awesome! Very good representation. Where were you a couple of weeks ago when I was looking to build one though. LOL

    I went back and peeked at your Tryant too. I like it! Gotta love those Dark Pegasus wings. They just go SO well with the nids I think. I tried lizardman (Pteradon?) wings before and they just didn’t go quite right.

    • Thanks. I’m rather pleased with the find as well–though, I’m not sure I
      liked it as much as Jerm’s parasite conversion he posted on my blog a while

      His is a little on the small side, but it’s all GW (or Forgeworld) parts, so
      it can be used in a tourney, plus it’s just super-spikey looking.

      On the subject of the Flyrant, I just wanted to clarify that I actually used
      the body and wings of a LotR fellbeast for him. The Dark pegasus wings were
      used with my older flying warriors (you can see a picture of one in this
      post in the comparison shot with the parasite). I love those wings, but
      they’re just too pricey. In fact, I think I’m going to wind up snapping the
      three pairs I have off of the existing models and just using gargoyle
      wings. That way my units of shrikes would all look identical.

      I never considered the lizardman line for wings–though I’m not sure why.
      It seems to make sense to have big leathery wings on bugs. If you’re still
      shopping around for wing ideas, have you seen the variants of dragonfly
      wings people have used?

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