The Jokaero Return! (Counts as Tau)

Almost a year ago, I stumbled upon some nifty models from Rackham that bore a striking resemblance to the seemingly extinct 40 race of monkeys: the Jokaero (you can read that post here).  Long story short, I eventually went and bought some of the models, but never did anything with them.

Last week, Sons of Taurus stumbled uon that post, and reminded me of momentary lapse of monkeys.  So, I figured I’d dust them off and put up my initial thoughts on the models.  Before I do, below is a list of models I bought and what I originally thought they compared to in the Tau force-org:

  • Broadside – K-Warriors
  • Crisis Suits – K-Fighters, K-Burners
  • Stealth Suits – Kaptars

Sure, it’s a far cry from the massive list of models I’d origially made, but I just couldn’t justify paying hundreds of dollars for a “counts as” list that most people wouldn’t understand, and wouldn’t be tourny legal anyway (not that I play in tournies, mind you, but still…)  So, below are pictures of the models I purchased with some size comparisons:

K-Warriors & Broadsides

Size-wise, this is a great fit.  If the monkey was standing up, I’d say it’s an exact match for a Tau broadside.  Hunched over, he makes a respectable stand-in though.  The guns are a little squirrelly though, and don’t sit straight, but the fact that these models are both cheaper and pre-painted almost makes me want to play Tau! 🙂

K-Burner, Crisis Suit, K-Fighter

Notably shorter in comparison to a standard crisis suit, I think these guys would again match perfectly if they were standing on their hind legs.  The addition of the larger guns on the monkeys make up for the size difference as well, and give a good variance for crisis suit weaponry.  The figure on the right could represent twin-linked missile pods (aka a “Deathrain” suit), while the one on the left would work as something armed with a plasma or fusion weapon (perhaps as a “Fireknife” or “Sunforge” variant).

By the way, if you’re like me and have absolutely no idea what Tau players are talking about when they use terms like “Deathrain” and “Fireknife,” don’t feel lost.  Sometimes I swear they’re talking Klingon to me…  But there’s help available!  This link has a decent write-up on what’s what.  Also, since posts on the internet seem to disappear with alarming frequency over time, I’m going to copy and paste the summary below:

These suit names were developed from the following rough pattern:

Plasma Rifle: “Knife/Blade”
Missile Pod: “Fire”
Fusion Blaster: “Surge/Forge”
Burst Cannon: “Storm”

One Weapon Suits: Consists of one twinlinked weapon and a support system (or Flamer) in the third hardpoint

Sunforge: Twinlinked Fusion Blaster
Deathrain: Twinlinked Missile Pod
Burning Eye: Twinlinked Plasma Rifle

Two Weapon Suits: If one of the weapons is twinlinked, the configuration name will be followed by a number which is the strength of the twinlinked weapon. The Multitracker will then therefore be Hardwired.

Fireknife: Plasma Rifle + Missile Pod
Helios: Plasma Rifle + Fusion Blaster
Bladestorm: Plasma Rifle + Burst Cannon
Firesurge: Missile Pod + Fusion Blaster
Firestorm: Missile Pod + Burst Cannon
Stormsurge: Burst Cannon + Fusion Blaster

Three Weapon Suits: Consists of three weapons and a Hardwired Multitracker

Sunfire: Plasma Rifle + Missile Pod + Fusion Blaster

Kaptars & Stealth Suits?

Originally intended to be stealth suits, I just don’t have any models to compare them to laying around. By the way, before I go any farther, I want to thank our local Tau player, Jeff, for loaning me a couple of his models for the size comparisons.  Thanks man…

Ok, back on topic.  I think these guys are a little large to represent stealth suits.  In fact, they’re large enough to be considered Terminators (see below).  As a whole, I think they could work though–especially since it’s a proxy army anyway.

 All in all, these are nice models.  The price (when on sale) is definitely right, and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the coloring on prepainted models.  These guys are definitely what I’d considered table-top quality.  In summary, if I see a lot of these guys on ebay or one of the local trade-sites, I’d definitely think about fleshing out the Tau battleforce that I’ve started…

By the way, Sonsof Taurus did mention that he has some of the guys as well.  If you go on over to his blog, you can see some pics of his models.  It would appear he took it an extra step and painted them to match his existing force.


2 comments on “The Jokaero Return! (Counts as Tau)

  1. Yeah, all I have are the K-fighters, which is what I use for the broadsides. Since I was only going to get one type, I just thought those looked a little better.

    I don’t think the Kaptars would be too big for stealth suits. Sure they’re bigger than the old metals but they’re probably about the same size as the new plastic ones which are close to termie-sized.

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