WIP Genestealers: Yellow & Green Make Blue?

More WIP Progress pictures of models I’ve been playing around with.  Late last year I had gotten a bunch of ‘nids basecoated, but not actually “finished” (again, I use the term lightly, as the “finished” product–pre-dipping–is really more like a basecoat anyway).  Anywho, they were sloppily done and needed some cleaning up, along with eyes and teeth and squad markings.

So, I finally got around to doing just that.  So attached to this post, you’ll find pics of the latest 20 models to fill out the ranks of Hive Fleet Proteus.

Like most of my smaller bugs, I’ve designated groups of models with squad markings.  Unlike I’ve done with the other variants though, where they had stripes across their heads and down their tails, with the ‘stealers I’ve mixed up the markings.  This is mostly to do with the position of their heads, especially in relation to their claws, and the fact that their tails are covered in concentric rings.  Instead, I chose to paint the bottom half of their faces with the squad marking, but decided that was too subtle, so I also branched out and painted their “rending claws” to match.

For the record though, I don’t feel the squad colored hands are really their rending claws, but I’ve heard other people online call them that.  If anything, those are more like hands and the other things should be considered the claws–but I think people refer to them that way based upon the monstrous creature rending claws which do look alot like hands.

Where was I?  Oh yeah… so these two squads are painted in yellow (VMC golden yellow, if I recall correctly), and the greens are an el cheapo off-brand from Walmart, as I couldn’t find a suitable light green to work.  Sure, I could’ve used a darker green, but the lighter colors just stand out so much better when stained.

Now I have four painted squads of ‘stealers, and at least two more lying around at the house waiting for a coat.  I haven’t yet decided how to represent Broodlords or Ymgarls though… anyone have any great ideas?


2 comments on “WIP Genestealers: Yellow & Green Make Blue?

  1. still lookin good man, once you decide on a force for the 500 point tournie if your needing to paint stuff we should all setup a night to have a paint a thon! My buddy George and i do that from time to time and i know he also needs to paint for the tournie.

    • I’m not even 100% committed to coming (the idea of playing 40k for an entire
      day is kind of bleh to me). I’m seriously considering it though.

      If you want to do a paint-a-thon though, I’m game. I can always use
      inspiration to set (and meet) some goals. I’m willing to do that whether or
      not there’s a tourny to attend…

      Right now I’m working on some more magnetized arms, as well as some wings
      for my warriors. Oddly enough, I’m starting to see a light at the end of
      the Tyranid tunnel. Speaking of which–I do need to make some tunnels for
      my Trygons…

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