Tyranids at 500 points, Without Synapse?

This month I’ve been spending some of my free time coming up with various 500 point armies for an upcoming tournament (rules here).  Naturally, I’d like to play an army I already have, and since most of my blogging focus has been on ‘Nidz for the past year, I want to come up with a suitable list for them.

A few posts ago, I came up with a list that comprised entirely of ‘stealers (both Ymgarl and normal), based upon the premise that Synapse is almost exclusively banned at this tourny–the only exception being Zoanthropes, and what good are bugs without a brain? 

Well, the thought had occurred to me that certain bugs could potentially be effectively, despite having low leadership and no synapse, if they could reliably do what they’re supposed to.  This made me wonder about hormagaunts.

Sure, they have an abysmally low leadership (6), but even then, they can be expected to pass instinctive behavoir tests about 40% of the time, so you would have some control over them–but when you don’t have control, they’ll at least charge headlong into combat, right?

So, the list I came up with is:

  • Elites:
    • Hive Guard x2
    • Hive Guard x2
  • Troops:
    • Hormagaunts x18 w/ furious charge
    • Hormagaunts x19 w/ furious charge

The general idea here is that the hormies charge headlong into the fray.  Originally I had them at 25 strong each, but no upgrades.  I figured that there may be alot of vehicles though, and they’d be worthless without being able to at least glance them, so I gave them all that ability in furious charge.  The other addition to the list is in the form of Hive Guard.

This was my plan to open up tanks, to ensure that the gaunts got to charge the meaty morsels inside them.  With leadership 7, and two strength 8 shots each (against what will be, at best, armor 12), they should make short work of any vehicles–assuming they can pass their IB tests (or have a clear-line of sight from their “lurking” locations…).

I’d say the list is an “outside the box” kind of thing, but when it comes down to it, can 37 gaunts that you may or may not be able to control really win matches?  I’m hesitent to believe they’d do very well.  The other thing, is that with all the failed IB tests you’re bound to have, the army pretty much plays itself.   Perhaps for a new player this is ok, but I’d rather rely on my tactics, than instinctive behavior…


P.S. Oh dear… I just realized something.  Pyrovores fit into the rules of this tournament… is it possible?  Do they actually have some value in this game?!? …

Basic Instinct image from the movie of the same name by TriStar pictures…


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