Arms Race: Final Pics of Swarmlord, Tyrant, & Carnies

Here we are, at the culmination of all of these rambling posts about Tyranid arms. Can you feel the excitement?

Hive Tyrant

Before I continue, I just have to ask. Does anyone else think immediately back to the scene of American Pie when they hear (or see) the word “culmination?” I thought it was a scene where the coach was talking, and some dolt in the background repeats everything he says? “For you seniors,this marks the culmination… of the past four years.”


No? It really can’t be just me…

So, back on topic, this is the final post on the matter. Again, I wasn’t sure whether this post would come to fruition, even after taking the pictures, but I’m so happy with the way they turned out, I just had to share. Earlier this week, I put up pics of my Warriors & Alpha Warriors in their “finished” state (pre-basing, of course), and this post is to show what the final product of my Tyrants & Tervigons (or Swarmlords and Carnifices, if you prefer) will look like.


Up first is the Swarmlord/Tyrant. I actually have two of these guys painted up, so I can either use them as a Lord & a Tyrant or two Tyrants (though I’ll honestly need to paint up another bone sword to field them properly), but both pictures you see are actually of the same model. These guys really pop though–especially in the photographs. When I dipped them, I made sure to apply the stain extra heavily to them, so the contrast on the various bits of armor really stand out well. Despite being a rather quick paint job, this is one of my favorite models I’ve painted to date–it just goes to show how amazing the dipping technique is.

So, I’ve painted up most of the weapons variants here: Boneswords, Lashwhip, & Venom Cannon. I don’t think I’ve done up a Barbed Strangler (which seem silly to put on Tyrants anymore), nor have I done devourers/deathspitters. In short, I’ll need to paint up a few more arm variants before I can really say I’m done, but these are the ones I expect to use most often.

Again, I opted for orange swords, and I was a little worried that it would either clash with the gun choices, or blend in too much with the bone armor. I’d say it works out well with both. The Tyrant above does run the risk of being a bit of a rainbow warrior though, what with the orange sword, red gun, green egg-sac, and purplish whip on top of his blue skin tone–hopefully it doesn’t look too busy.

“Tervifex” w/ Talons

The other models I wanted to show off are my “Coiled Carnifexes” or rather, my Tervigons. Originally, my intent was to spruce up Carnies with resin tails from Forgeworld, but since GW has mass produced plastic Trygons, they’re just not as cool. Of course, the fact that they’re just not as good rules-wise as they once were plays into it as well…

So, I found an alternative use for them: Tervigons. They’re about the right size, and distinct enough to be considered something other than a basic Carnifex. I figure once I get to basing them, I can put some eggs around them or something to make them feel more Tervigonish. Of course, I still want to be able to use them as a Carnifex or two if I so choose, and hopefully people don’t have problems with that.

So again, you’ll see two pictures of a painted “Tervifex,” and like the Tyrant above, they’re actually the same model, but there will be multiples in my arsenal when all is said and done. In fact, I now have three of these guys painted up–it’s just that two are still awaiting dipping.

These arms all received a double-dipping of stain to get those stark contrasts like the Tyrant above, and they do stand out well. In comparison, the Tervifex here only received a single dipping, and he just isn’t as dark. I think I might put him back through the ringer in the hopes that he’ll darken up…

“Tervifex” with Claws & Talons

This guy at the right is armed with one set of Talons and a set of claws. Again, I remind you that I magnetize everything, so these arms are all interchangable. I don’t expect to use these crushing claws much on the models themselves (especially since they came out a little weird when stained), but I wanted the flexibility to run them as proper models should it become necessary.

The red on the claws also shows the second area where I decided to add a splash of color. When I was painting the Hierophant back in the day, I had decided that she needed to have more than just two colors on her, so I started implementing other variations: weapon color, fleshy bits, etc. I liked the look of the red exposed flesh so much that I carried it over to these arms. You’ll also see it on the Hive Tyrant, and if you look at the smaller scything talons on the model above, you’ll see some red fleshy bits on the very top.These, like the colorized squad markings on the face and tail of models seem like a good way to start incorparting more color into what was originally a VERY basic color scheme.Anywho, these are my latest toys, and though they still need bases, I’m happy enough to call them done that I’ll post pictures of them online. I hope you like them half as much as I do. 🙂


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