Arms Race: Final Pics of Alpha Warriors & Friends

Let me start by apologizing for dragging out what seems like it almost should’ve been a single post (if that) about painting a few arms into an entire series of posts.  From painting, to staining, to letting them dry, to seeing them on models, it almost seem like it’s getting out of hand–and I’m sad to say, there’s still one more post after this.

The thing is, each time I see them at the next step, I just get excited and want to share them with everyone, and that held true once I put the arms onto the models.

I’m just ecstatic with how these guys came out–no other word seems to do them justice.  And to boot, they photographed really well.  In fact, I almost debated on not posting these images at all, because they look like final pics, but the bases are yet to be done–and they do detract from the models.

But, sensibility caught up with me, and I still wanted to share them with everyone.  So, here they are. 

Really, There are two Alpha Warriors (Tyranid Primes if you will, but I really prefer the other name).  You can tell them by the fact that I used plastic Ravener heads on them, so each of them has two claws on the sides of their heads, but are otherwise identical to the warriors.  This seemed like a good solution because it made them distinct, but also the same size as a normal warrior–and when the 6th edition codex comes out, if Primes are no longer an option, then I can just count them as standard warriors.

They each are pictured with four bone swords, though they’re magnetized to accept any weapon that the warriors can as well.  One thing I’m not sure about is whether I also magnetized these guys to accept wings or not… but that’ll come up in a future post, I’m sure (once I paint the wings).

Anywho, in addition to the two Alphas, I have about nine or ten warriors painted.  I took a couple of them off the shelf to play dress up with the new arms, and you can see a picture of all of the available options below.  These include:

  • Barbed Strangler
  • Venom Cannon
  • Deathspitter/Devourer (can’t remember which one, but I’m really just going to use this variant to count as both)
  • Scything Talons
  • Rending Claws
  • Bone Swords

Lashwhips are the one variant that I don’t have at all–and something that I’d like to make, so that’ll have to come up in the future as well.  I just haven’t found a good pre-made alternative… though I did see a nifty tutorial on BoLS on how to make your own…

So yeah, I’m proud of these little buggers, and the next post (and hopefully final on the subject) will be about my pride in the big buggers. 🙂



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