500 Points of IGuard, Sentinel Style

Ok, another attempt at a 500 point IG list for our upcoming tourney:

  • Troops:
    • Veteran Squad (3x Flamers in Chimera)
  • Fast Attack:
    • Armored Sentinel Squadron (2x Autocannons)
    • Armored Sentinel Squadron (2x Autocannons)
    • Armored Sentinel Squadron (2x Autocannons)

Unlike my previous attempt, this list obviously suffers from only having a single scoring unit, but it has more targets (all at av12–which is hard to beat in this format), and roughly comparable long-range firepower. 

Sure, at first glance, the army doesn’t look grand; however, it does have something that many lists will have trouble with: av12 walkers.  Sure, they can throw off 12 st7 shots per turn (which should handily dispatch transports), but then, when the enemy closes in, they can engage in assault, and that’s where they shine to me.

AV12 means you need at least strength 6 to have a chance at damaging it (or a Monstrous Creature, which–except for the Necron Tomb Spider–is likely to be absent due to the “no more than 2 wounds per model rule).   Essentially, this means that once they get into combat, they can indefinitely tie up anything that doesn’t have a powerfist (or krak grenades), and even those will have some trouble taking them down quickly…  Granted, it would be better if they could be broken up even further into 1 man squads, but that sort of breaks the org chart…

Well, I guess I could drop 3 of the sentinels, in favor of another 180 points of guard…. that’d put two hydras on the table, plus a few upgrades.  Yeah, that’s probably even better:

  • Troops:
    • Veteran Squad (3x Flamers, Autocannon in Chimera)
  • Fast Attack:
    • Armored Sentinel Squadron (1x Autocannon)
    • Armored Sentinel Squadron (1x Autocannon)
    • Armored Sentinel Squadron (1x Autocannon)
  • Heavy Support:
    • Hydra Flak Battery (+HK Missile)
    • Hydra Flak Battery (+HK Missile)

So, against vehicles, you have 12 autocannons (8 are twin-linked), and two hunter killer missles.  For infantry, you have … well, 12 autocannons, a heavy bolter, three flamers, a multi-laser, and three sentinels to tie things up if they get too close.

Sure, it only has one scoring unit, but the goal of this army would be to either:

  1. Table your opponent, so you don’t have to deal with scoring units
  2. Take out your opponents scoring units and/or contest with charging sentinels… after all, you just need to hold one objective if your opponent holds none.


Matrix Sentinel picture of toy from Sideshow Collectibles.  Boy, wouldn’t this make a nifty Necron titan?


3 comments on “500 Points of IGuard, Sentinel Style

  1. Are you playing combat patrol rules? I gather you may be from the “no more than 2 wounds per character” rule. If so, it has a reduced Force Organisation Chart – 1 HQ, min 1 Troop, 2 Elite, 2 Fast Attack, 1 Heavy Support. If this applies to your tourney, you can still do this list by making the three groups of two sentinals into two groups of three, and in the second list making the hydras into a single battery and pairing up two of the sentinals. This may of course reduce your fire options, but should still be quite impressive.

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