Let Trygons be Trygons

Well, Monday I had posted some pics of Tervigons and Trygons and mentioned that I hoped to get another painted before the week was over, and I’m happy to say that happened.

Well, sort of.

The first flaw in the story is that the model isn’t completely painted.  You’ll note that something pretty important is missing from the picture: the arms.  Granted, I’m magnetizing them and dipping them seperately from the models (why?  Well, why not?  That way they’ll be interchangable with the rest of my force, and any time I need to use them as say–tyrannofexes, or some other crazy bug variant in codex 6.0, I’ll be ready). 

The second flaw isn’t really a flaw as much as it’s misleading.  It sort of implies that I finished the first bug over the weekend, and in the past two days I whipped out the second.  The thing is, I’m stuck in Missouri this week, so this is actually a model I wound up painting last week, but not displaying it until today.

I’m happy with him, but I do wish I hadn’t rushed through it.  I did clean the flash off him, but I didn’t bother to putty in the cracks.  There is a split on this lower back which hopefully will fill with stain during the dipping process, and a problem with where his tail joins with his body. 

But hell, I can’t tell from the photo which one is the new–deficient–version, and which is the older one.  Can you?


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