500 Points of IGuard

In continuing my brainstorming of 500 point forces, I’m taking a look at the Imperium.  What I’ve learned is that building an army with Imperial Guard at 500 poinits feels kind of like cheating.  It’s amazing how cheap and effective all of their units are, and how effective a force you can make on the cheap. 

So, for my first foray into Guard armies at low points cost, I’m just going to go with a mechanized force full of scoring units.  No fancy tanks, no support batteries, just vets in vehicles:

  • Troops:
    • Veteran Squad (2x Flamers, 1x Melta, 1x Plasma Pistol)
      • in Chimera (Autocannon Turret + Heavy Stubber)
    • Veteran Squad (1x Flamers, 2x Melta)
      • in Chimera (Autocannon Turret + Heavy Stubber)
    • Veteran Squad (1x Flamers, 2x Melta)
      • in Chimera (Autocannon Turret + Heavy Stubber)

Yeah, that’s it.  Just three units of Troops, but each comes within it’s own protective shell of a Chimera, and has enough special weapons to effectively take out any light vehicles, or massed infantry it needs to.  Within 500 points, that’s 9 heavy weapons and 9 special weapons, which can move and fire.  Every unit is scoring. 

Wow, Imperial Guard are just good…  I’m thinking now that if I wanted to truly win this tourney, Guard are the way to go…


7 comments on “500 Points of IGuard

  1. Good job.
    That’s an incredible amount of firepower. I just tried to make up a Space Marine list but I’m not happy with the list I put together:

    10 Space Marines with Multimelta, Melta
    + Sergeant with Powerfist
    in Razorback with TLHB

    5 Scouts with Sniper Rifles, ML, Camo Cloaks

    Land Speeder with HB + Typhoon ML
    Land Speeder with MM HF

    Scouts could hold objectives with a 2+ cover save when they go to ground. Obviously you need melta against the three Chimera in the list above 😉 so 2 Multimelta and one Melta. Plus the Typhoon ML and the “lucky shot ML” in the scout squad.
    What do you think. Waht would be a funny and effective SM 500 points list?!?

    • I think making a varried force with marines will be hard–though I don’t
      think that’s a bad list. I was thinking of playing something not too far
      off, as a “balanced” space marine force… the idea being not to min-max
      anything, and just play space marines as depicted in the 2nd edition codex:
      flamer, missle, rhino, etc.

      I do like the idea of scouts holding objectives, but if they’ve gone to
      ground the entire game, why bother with the missile–or is that just like
      you said… a lucky shot at the end?

      One thing to note about this tourney is that the organizer is almost
      assuredly going to throw curve balls with missions–in an attempt to mix
      things up, and add a little spice, as well as to get people to make balanced
      forces that can accomplish a little of everything. In that regard, I think
      your list would likely do well.

      • You’re the ML in the scout squad would be quite useless. Perhaps playing the scouts as outflanking would be better. For the same points cost you would get a power fist on the seargeant …

  2. hi there, my two cents on guard at 500 points

    vet squad – 2 melta, flamer, demo, chimera (Ml, Hf, stubber)
    vet squad – 2 melta, flamer, chimera (Ml, Hf, stubber)
    hydra flak tank (Hf)
    hydra flak tank (Hf)

    hydras are wrongness in a box 🙂 75 points for 4 twin autocannon shots with a 72″ range and an av 12 front armour is very very good value. enemy transports will evaporate, which is something your original list ma struggle with.

    • Yeah… Hydras are pretty well priced, and work well in this format. All in all, I think your list proves to be a nastier version than mine. Sure, it loses a scoring unit, but that’s quite a bit of long-range shooty.

      The only caveat is that the tables are likely to be 4×4 (at max), so range isn’t as important as it is normally…

  3. oh man, after all the flack you give me for playing OP guard lol. So Jeff is playing guard and now you are too, what is going on at muldoon this will be the 500 broken points of guard tournie…. I wonder if anyone will show up with my list from last year, Atr_127 is close.

    • Negative ghost-rider, the pattern is full. I’m not playing guard… just
      brainstorming lists here. Guard are dominating, but if I’m going to create
      a list to try to win, it seems that a good strategy is to try to figure out
      what I could be facing, and make sure the list has some way of dealing with

      If anything, I’m likely to play marines… if only because I have more
      painted/based than I do anything else.

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