Tervigons & Trygons, Oh My!

This past weekend I found a way to be fairly productive, in the form of Monstrous Creatures.   Due to the amount of surface area on these beasties, and the proportion of bone that has to be painted (thereby meaning several coats), they’ve sat in the back of the queue for a while, and since I’ve been on a roll painting as of late, I figured I’d give them their shot.

The Tervigons (formerly “coiled carnifexes“) were assembled a while ago out of resin tails and carnifex bodies.  Naturally, they’re magnetized–like everything else in my army, so the arms can be removed.  I just noticed those arms laying in the back of my display rack, and they somehow skipped out on recent dipping experiment.  Oh well, I’ll have to dip more limbs again for the Trygons in the future anyway–and I still need to do a barbed strangler as well.  I suspect I’ll use these interchangably as Carnies and Tervigons, since they’re unique enough to go either way (and besides, they’re magnetized)!

Wow, I just realized that it took a year to paint this model after I assembled it in December of last year… 

Anywho, I took the squad markings that I’ve been doing on my smaller bugs and applied them to these guys as well.  I don’t think they’re necessary for such large bugs, but I s’pose they can’t hurt, and they do add a splash good looking color when dipped.

The Trygon is a mixture of classic Trygon bits and the Mawloc jaws.  Due to the fact that I’m dipping my nids, I felt the large flat pieces would look better stained than the bumpy parts–besides, it makes them look more like the rest of my force.  Like the Tervifexes above (did I just coin a new term?), these models will serve dual purposes.  I intend to use them as both Trygons and Mawlocs as the need fits.  Like the Tervifex, I suspect this will suit one role more than the other, since Trygons seem like a great unit to me, and Mawlocs are more of a sideshow.

Anywho, three more models down, one more Trygon left to go…  hopefully I’ll knock him out this week.


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