Bits are Done, Dude!

If you’ve been following my blog as of late, you’ll know that I’ve been spending my time waiting for some freshly stained Tyranid bits (mostly in the form of arms and weapon symbiotes) to dry.  Well, I’m pleased to announce that I got a chance to photograph them properly and with only one exception, I’m amazed at how well they came out.  Granted, with staining you’re bound to have some problems with runs, but it really didn’t affect this batch.  I’m not sure if it was because of the size of the pieces, or what, but runs weren’t much of an issue.


The two pieces that did have problems were the crushing claws.  Due to their rounded nature, they both have some bald spots (without stain) as well as some globs–both of which are fairly atrocious.  The flip-side of this is that I don’t plan to use them much (I just dipped them for giggles), and when I do, I can arrange them on the models to  hide the claws under some of the scything talons (or other larger weapons).  

So, the two pictures you see in this article are of the bits laid out for photographing.  The first pic is of the weapons for the monstrous creatures, and the second are the smaller weapons designed for the warriors.   You’ll notice some small chinks in the dipping, along with some minor runs, but I’m quite pleased with the final result.   One thing I’d like to point out in the arms for the MC’s is that the bone swords are actually orange.  Due to a trick in the lighting conditions, these photos make them out to be almost identical in color to the stained talons, but trust me, they’re orange. 

Warrior Arms


As for the smaller weapons, they’re pretty self explanatory.  They have a little bit of overstain on them in places, but I can live with this.  Keep in mind, they’re just arms that will go on larger models, so any small inconsistencies will get lost when viewed as a unit.  My goal with my Tyranids was to come up with a table-top quality army that didn’t take me forever to paint, and these fit both of those requirements perfectly. 

Oh, if you’re wondering where I got the swords (for both the MC’s and the warriors), they’re from Paulson Games.  You can read more about my review of them in an earlier post, but suffice it to say, that I love them. 

Well, that’s it for now.  If you’ll excuse me, I gotta go play dress up with my models.  Pics to come!


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