500 Points of ‘Stealers

One concern with the format of the 500 point army list (rules here), is that it doesn’t necessarily allow for balance across the codices.  No where is that more evident than in the Tyranid codex. 

The original ruleset called for two rules that completely squashed the codex:

  1. No creature with more than 2 wounds.
  2. No invulnerable saves better than 4+.

Between those two rules, all synaptic creatures were removed from the realm of possibility.  Luckily, the rules have been ammended slightly, so that the invulnerable save rule has been removed.  What this means for ‘Nidz is that they can at least add Zoanthropes to their army list; however it’s a mixed blessing, since there’s another rule that states “Psykers may be used, but may NOT use any power requiring a psychic test.”  Ergo, you can buy a Zoanthrope, but they can’t do anything except grant you synapse.

So, are they worth it?  My gut tells me no.  Synapse is great, but it’s not the be-all, end-all.  Part of what made Zoa’s so great was their ability to deal with armored targets.  Everything from a cluster of space marines to the mightiest of land raiders had to respect the power they could dish out–but in this game, they’re relegated to the role of babysitters.

So, it seems that the only dependable units in the codex are those that don’t have to deal with Synapse.  Granted, I’ll kick around some other options over the next month, but let’s start off with a guaranteed viable list:

  • Elites:
    • Ymgarls x5
    • Ymgarls x5
    • Ymgarls x5
  • Troops:
    • Genestealers x5
    • Genestealers x6

No, it’s nothing too fancy.  I’d imagine that the troops would likely outflank–just to ensure they’d survive for a bit longer, and to corral the opponent into the middle of the board.  Since the missions will be played on a 4’x4′ area, to stay out of charge range, they’ll need to stay at least 13″ from the board edge (18.1″ to be perfectly safe), which severly cuts into their deployment area.  If there’s any area terrain in the center then, the Ymgarl’s are pretty much home free.  I base that premise on the assumption that in such a small game, they can’t possibly have enough units to fill up the area terrain in an attempt to thwart the Ymgarl’s deployment.

Obviously the list can have some problems with vehicles–but it’s not impossible to deal with.  Each Ymgarl has 2 attacks (3 on the charge), and can either get +1 strength or another +1 attack.  With their initial deployment +6″ move +d6″ fleet +charge, they can pretty dependably engage any vehicle on the board.  Considering all vehicles should have AV10 (unless there’s an 11/11/11 vehicle out there I’m not thinking of), they should be able to take care of it using the +1 strength option.

Well, that’s one thought… I’m sure there will be more…

Amazing Genestealer / Ork hybrid  image used without permission from NinjaBread.  He has some awesome stuff in addition to these models–go check him out if you have a moment…


7 comments on “500 Points of ‘Stealers

  1. Hmm… I’ll be able to fill up all the terrain… but then my list is much more model oreinted than most we’ll see… ALSO mangle’s can’t use psyker battle squads, mwahahaha!

  2. I would plan on AV 12 being possible. Last tournament i tied my second game because there were AV 12 “houses” that sat some 6 or so inches out near the middle. The Orc player put some stormboyz in there for nearly the entire game while i annihilated the rest of his force (really really badly…the orcs were hiding in a corner behind another building by turn 3). Because the game had a hard turn limit of 5 and the orc player went second, he waited till turn 5, had the stormboyz come out and do their crazy amount of movement toward the single middle objective contesting it.

    Hopefully this year the missions won’t be so broken, just ask anyone there last year about deciphering the runes……

    Also Armored Sentinels are AV 12 in melee and a smart choice in this game size for IG (hint Jeff =)

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