Ebay Treasures – Winged Chaos Lord

After years of using the site, coupled with the search-fu learned from being an IT guy, I reckon myself as somewhat of an eBay professional.  

By the way, for those of you who don’t already know this, IT guys don’t know all the answers–they just look errors up  in Google.  That’s why, I’ve a policy on my network that mandates Bing as the default search provider for all of our employees.  Sure, it’s vastly inferior to Google, but I figure if my users figure out how to search for answers, I’m out of a job!

But I digress… Since I’ve picked up some decent scores on eBay, I thought I’d start posting some particularly juicy ones as I pick them up.  My first entry into the category is a winged chaos lord.  I stumbled upon the auction and saw that the model was only $1.25 (before shipping), so I put in a bid.  

I couldn’t tell much from the picture, other than it was a painted model with wings, a sword and a gun.  Due to the base, I figured that it had to be roughly 40k scale (it looks like a Wyrd miniatures base), and any model that size had to be worth more than a buck, so why not place a bid?  Worst case scenario: I’m out a buck.

When the package arrived, I was floored.  The model was a mix of some unknown figure company with Belakor’s wings.  To top it off, it had an awesome paint job to boot!  Such a clean NMM effect must’ve taken the painter hours upon hours to accomplish.  The blending is fairly seemless as well.  No, it probably won’t win any Golden Demons, but without a doubt, this is far better than a $1.25 paint job…

 Sadly, this model should’ve fetched upwards of $30-40 on eBay easily, but the blurry picture scared away buyers. 

I’m quite happy with my purchase, and hope that prospective sellers out there will think twice before posting blurry pictures with their ebay auctions.  Really, when you have fantastic models like this, you owe it to yourself to take good pictures of the models before you try to sell them.  Believe me, it’ll be worth the extra time…


11 comments on “Ebay Treasures – Winged Chaos Lord

  1. You mean my renegades? Sort of. I think the bulk of them came fromBartertown. Keep in mind that I've been playing/collecting these sillylittle metal men since about 1992, so I've had some time to amass my horde.I do watch ebay for the classic renegades with bloodletter/plaguebearerheads, and buy any I can for about $5 each. Most of them seem to get bid upout of my price range, but I'm in no hurry to collect a billion marines, soI can afford to be picky about the prices.With your recent post, I figured I might as well dust off some of the othermodels in my chaos army and take some pictures. Posts to come on them…

  2. My collection hasn't changed a heck of a lot either. I've got the same old lead and pewter figures from when we played in high school. Keeps me from having to buy new crap all the time. I like the newer models but unless it's a character model who's going to notice once they are on the table. I'm all about buying the previous releases models to get then cheep.

  3. oh yeah I should still have him somewhere, I need to look for him that is a fantastic model. If I still have him then I have 3 models on that page. I'll post a link to some pics after I look through my stuff.

  4. Wow, I haven’t seen this model since 2003. I believe that’s when I sculpted it. It was for the second year of Adepticon. At that time I had some of my talented friends paint the model. You have a little treasure there. This one in the picture was painted by Liliana Troy. Cheers

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