Ravener Progress

Though I don’t use raveners in games much (and haven’t really liked them tremendously since their inception), I seem to find them relatively cheap around the net, and pick them up just the same.  I’m up to a grand total of twelve models now, broken up into squads of 6, 3, and 3. 

All of them have had their lower set of scything talons removed and replaced with rending claws.  For some reason, my fascination with magnets didn’t extend to these models though, so I’m forced to play them with claws.  I believe this is due to the fact that the talons option has always been vastly inferior (indeed, the only real reason to play them was because of their capability to get a slough of rending attacks–which, coincidentally, is the reason I don’t love them.  I’m a very unlucky roller, and I can’t depend on rending…).  Thinking back, the absense of magnets is probably due to the time-frame that I assembled them. 

Back then, I had only recently discovered the joy of pinning (ok, not that pinning is a joy, but the end result, is truly outstanding), so that’s probably why they’re pinned, and not magnetized (and in hind-sight, due to their splayed pieces, it was probably the right decision).  By the way, if you’re interested in pinning, there’s a great tutorial over on Dakka you should check out.

Why squads of 6, 3, and 3?  Well, because I did six in my first batch, and I wanted to be able to seperate them into distinguishable squads.  When I first started painting my ‘Nidz, I had no way to distinguish squads.  Later, I decided to use colored bands to indentify members of given squads.  If you look at the picture above, you can see the three raveners on the left bear yellow stripes on the sides of their heads as well as down their tails.  Those on the right, bear similar stripes of a light-blue hue. 

You’ll find a similar scheme on the rest of my bugs as squad markings.  As a tip for those that are dipping their models, I find that darker colors don’t work nearly as well as the lighter varieties.  That’s why you’ll see most of their stripes as yellow, blue, and pink.  I don’t reach down into the oranges and such until after I’ve exhausted the bright colors.


11 comments on “Ravener Progress

  1. lookin good, so i finally started toying with list building for a Nid force of my own recently. Still not sure of it yet, but im fairly certain it will contain the Swarmlord, another Tyrant, a Carnifex, and a Trygon……the rest is sorta open atm with only those being units i really would enjoy taking despite whether they are ideal. I kinda wanted to bring 2 Fex's because i have huge ❤ for them, but i can't help but be one with the notion that the current version is pretty overcosted in comparison to other units in Heavy Support. Certain versions seem decent, like a double Devourer Dakkafex would probably be overall good….but it seems so unlike the fex's Living battering ram lineage to give it 4 little guns….oh, know anyone wanting to get rid of some basic Nid models? Termagaunts for instance, not with spinefists………………….

  2. I agree that the fex is overpriced, but if you run them bare-bones enough, Ithink units of multiple fexes could be good–as long as you have somethingto tie them up until the calvary arrive.As for who's got spares. I'm sure I have extra genestealers galore if youneed some of those… and Dan had a little bit of everything he was lookingto part ways with. I haven't spoken with him in months though, so it'spossible they've already hit ebay…How've you been? Any idea when Muldoon opens up again?

  3. im still painten em, if i started a nid list it wouldn't be a quick buy unless a local source like Danny popped up with another super deal. It would be something i slowly built over 6 months or more. What can i say i'm a hopper, always have been….i still love my wolves and plan to try out some new lists with them.

  4. Been good, wife is pregnant again so im working 20 hour days between office/home…..can't wait for college to start up again too…. Not sure on Muldoon, they have a church now that offers the same thing but with less terrain available, many of the regulars show up there on Fri/Sat nights and it goes much later then muldoon.

  5. oh and maybe on the stealers, i actually wasn't planning on them in my list but they are excellent troops overall so chances are i would wanna use them eventually.

  6. Hey on the Diping, do you actually dip then spin off the excess? Or do you brush it on? I assume from your comments about it being a mess that you dip.I've seen both after a little research and sense i haven't done it before just wondering. I bought and painted up a Tyrant to try it out. Oh also Jeff says come play at the church this Friday (7pm-midnightish) I'm going to most likely be there, but if preggie is having a bad day i might not.

  7. I dip and flick off the excess–but for larger models (like the Hierophant)I used a paintbrush. It really works both ways. There are some good postson the subject online. Below is a link to a particularly well documentedprocess (that involves “spinning”, which is about the same as flicking):http://www.dakkadakka.com/wiki/en/Dipping_TyranidsI never felt obliged to create an article on it, since it's been done somany times, but maybe one day I'll do just that. Right now, I'd settle forany sort of content. I've been lax for more than week…

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