Spore Mine Progress

Wow, is this a cop-out post if I’ve ever written one.  In an attempt to eek out three posts per week while I’m gone, I’ve resorted to posting WIP shots of models that I’ve recently dipped.  For some reason, I’ve decided that Spore Mines are somehow amazing enough to tie up a post all on their own.

In hindsight, maybe that wasn’t such a great idea…  Anyway, let’s make the most of this.

So I have roughly 30ish spore mines lying around, most of which are the plastic variety from the Battle for McCragge boxed set back in the day, with about a blister of metal mines thrown in for good measure.  Despite the fact that they’re not terribly good as a unit choice, and my biovores are unlikely to miss that much in a given game, I had to paint them up.  They add so much flavor to a nid force that you really can’t do without them.

I’ve painted them in three different schemes, which are each variations of the standard for the army: Ultramarines Blue, Bleached Bone, & Tentacle Pink.  Ok, so pink isn’t really a standard for the army, but I’ve been integrating it more and more.  Pink gives a really fragile vibe to me, and so it seemed perfect for use on spore mines.  The three variations harken back to the 2nd (and 3rd) edition days where you could take multiple different types of mines.  Come to think of it, I believe you could take them in 4th as well, but by then, they had been pretty well neutered.  Gone were the days of the large blast templates.

And since they’re back, so are my mines: Now in technocolor!


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