Hive Guard Progress

Well, after my most recent dipping experience, I have a bunch of models that I’m effectively calling “completed.”  Granted, none of them have properly flocked bases, and many of them are missing arms, but they’re all at least good enough to call table-top-ready in my book.

Two of these models are my hive guard models.  These are the only two hive guard I own, because frankly, they cost a pretty penny and I prefer Zoanthropes on the table-top to these guys.  I haven’t really given these guys enough chances to shine though, so now that I have some painted models, maybe they’ll see some more play time.  Who knows?  They may turn out to be better than zoanthropes after all.

That wouldn’t bother me too much though, as they came out nicely.  I’ve used red sparingly in the paint scheme so far, but I wanted to be able to paint their weapons another color to allow them to stand out.  Since red’s the color I chose on my hierophant, it seemed only natural to let the colors spread into the rest of the army.  Likewise, I kept the green coil/tubing idea on these as well, and started to use pink for more than just tongues.

What I like best about the models though, is the way stain sticks too them.  They shaded very nicely without much efefort on my part.  To top it off, they didn’t even leave weird drips.  All in all, these have proven my favorite models to dip thus far…

I say these are a progress shot, but really I don’t plan on doing anything else to them, aside from proper basing when I get to that point.  Yeah, they’d look nicer if I painted the corrugated tendons in a different  color, but really my ‘Nids aren’t for show–they’re quick and dirty paint jobs meant to look decent on the table top.  That’s all.

Over the next week, I’ll be displaying some lightbox shots of the other bugs that have been recently dipped, both to give you an idea of the outcome, as well as to have something to post while I’m out of town.  Next post: spore mines…


3 comments on “Hive Guard Progress

  1. They look really good.I'm looking forward to the pictures.I remember (I think) you saying that you would go back and review your unit write-ups that you did after the new codex came out. Are you still planning to do that? I'd like to know what you think of everything now you've had more time to use stuff. Even if you don't write a whole post on each one, just an overview of where you've changed your mind, why etc, would be really interesting.

  2. Yeah… I really should go back and do that. Honestly though, the pastthree weeks of posts were queued up. I don't have enough time as of late todeal with my blog. About once per week, I sneak over and respond to posts,but I really won't have time to do anything on the blog itself for anothertwo weeks…But I'll get to this one day… 🙂

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