Chronus Conversion

I don’t like Chronus’ head. 

There, I said it.  And I don’t care who hears me.  The head he comes with looks just far too orky to be a space marine’s helmet.  It would look great in a game of WHFB on a black ork commander, but it just doesn’t work for a a techmarine.  So, I decided to make my own out of spare bitz (and a little Chronus as well).

He’s certainly built around the standard core, with some arm swaps and a head swap.  That’s the easy way to say it, but there are more parts in it than it appears:

  • Chronus (body & backpack)
  • Assault Marine (left arm)
  • Current Techmarine (right arm, bolter removed)
  • 2nd Edition Techmarine (power axe)
  • 2nd Edition Ultramarine Shoulderpad w/ Laurel
  • Dark Angel Upgrade Sprue (head)
  • Devastator Sprue (servo-skull)

At first I debated whether I wanted to fill in the logo that covers the mouth, as it’s a Dark Angels symbol, but ultimately decided it looked enough like an aquilla to leave it alone.  Sure, it’s not a complex conversion, or a particularly spectacular one, but I’m happy with ’em.

Of course, I magnetized the power weapon because… well, just because.  I love magnets, you know. 🙂


2 comments on “Chronus Conversion

  1. And I thought his original helmet looked cool.The original one does look a little clunky for a Techmarine though but it's just so brutal looking it's cool.

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