Warhammer 39,999 Goes to Washington

Well, if you’re reading this, I’m probably reading a technical manual on a plane bound for Washington DC. 

Oh, who am I trying to kid?  I’m sure I’m procrastinating and playing some Dragon Quest IV on Nintendo DS (which, by the way, is a decent enough game, but it does an absolutely horrendous job of steering you to the next part of the quest). 

Anywho, I likely won’t get much time for blogging or warhammer in general, but I have queued up a few posts to fire off in my absence.  I plan on spending most of my time doing work, but if I get the chance, I’ll be checking out:

  • The 4th of July fireworks
  • The Smithsonian: Air & Space Museum (at a normal pace)
  • 5 Guys (someone told me they have fabulous burgers)
  • Ray’s Hellburger (I know they have good burgers)
  • and if I play my cards right, it sounds like I might have a game lined up with Drathmere, the mastermind behind the original 40k Hobby Blog (accept no imitations)
  • and, maybe I’ll even finish that technical manual… 

Again, if anyone has any suggestions of things to do (that don’t require a car) in DC for the month of July, I’m all ears…

DC cherry blossom image from Destination 360.


5 comments on “Warhammer 39,999 Goes to Washington

  1. Have fun! I've just got back from NY and DC (my first ever trip to the US)… I can definitely recommend Ray's Hellburgers' burgers (but don't have too many jalapeno peppers… they're absolute killers).I also, funnily enough, went to the Smithsonian air and space museum. But you certainly need a car for that. Unless there are two separate sites (I think there might be). The one out of town (by Dulles Airport) is the one with the SR71, the Enola Gay and the space shuttle. It was pretty cool.Even if they do have pretty dubious 'parking' policy.I think my favourite thing to do in DC was see the constitution, you a) might have already done that on a previous visit or b) not be quite such a political / historical geek!

  2. Ray's is my nemesis. Last trip I planned on going on Cinco De Mayo, andeven had a lunch date with some folks from the office, but at the lastminute I changed my mind. Instead, I went down to the store and picked upenchillada fixins for the entire office. No good deed goes unpunishedthough, and low and behold, that was the day Obama went to Ray's to get aburger with Biden.For the rest of my stay, that place was packed. And wouldn't you know it,the week before I come down this time, Obama takes the Soviet presidentthere as well!You're right that the place had good eats though. I've also done the Air &Space museums (great suggestion), and I stumbled in to see the Constitution,Declaration of Independence, & Magna Carta. There's something amazinglyhumbling about standing in front of such historical artifacts. It'sawesome.Next time to you come to the States, come see Alaska!

  3. I think he's called the 'Russian' president now, actually… :)Alaska sounds great. Trouble is, it's kind of out of the way…

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