40k Podcast Roll Call

As of late, I’ve found myself growing weary of the morning DJ’s on the FM dial, so I looked for another source of entertainment.  When you throw in the fact that I’m lucky to get in a game every couple of weeks (on average), it left a void that could be nicely filled by a 40k fix. 

Enter the podcast. 

A couple of months ago, I stumbled into the dark world of 40k talk shows.  Well, that sort of implies that I’m somehow creating podcasts, when really all I’m doing is listening.  Each of them has their own style, but all of them do a reasonable job of keeping my interest, teaching me some new ideas, and giving a fresh perspective on things.  To that extent, they’re all valuable, but some just seem more valuable than others. 

With that said, below is a list of the 40k related podcasts I’ve found:

The 11th Company

My favorite podcast out there, by far, the 11th company is produced by a group of gamers out of South Carolina.  They a mature group, focused on tactics, strategy, and improving your game.  Some of my favorite regular features include the codex countdown, and tips of the week.

 The D6 Generation

Before writing this blog entry, I hadn’t listened to a single podcast from these guys, so I felt compelled to do so, and boy am I glad I did.  I happened to listen to the entirely 40k podcast (which talked about Starcraft & Runewars more than they should’ve), but found myself loving it.  They had great energy, effects, contests, and talk about all sorts of board games that I really enjoy playing.  After listening to just one podcast, I’m going to recommend this one very highly.

 Dice Like Thunder 

Rounding out my top three favorite podcasts…   DLT is entertaining and has a different kind of perspective.  They don’t focus purely on the game itself, but meld in industry news and product reviews into their shows.    The language is such that you certainly won’t want to listen to it with kids present, but it’s not completely over the top.  All in all, they provide a more casual perspective on things, and can make for an entertaining ride to work.

40k Radio 

To say this is a very popular 40k related podcast would be an understatement.  Good content, entertaining personalities, and great giveaways/sponsorships make this well worth listening to.  Despite being “all 40k, all the time,” it has a surprising amount of Malifaux coverage, but it is primarily 40k related.  Unfortunately, it’s been riddled with drama as of late, and seems to have closed up shop.  Perhaps this will change though? 

The Gamer’s Lounge 

Relatively new to the podcasting scene, the Gamer’s lounge consists of fellow blogger Nix (from The Dead Tau Project).  It’s a laid-back show that focuses almost entirely on 40k.  So far, the ideas of “comp” and “sportsmanship” seem to come up quite often, and they have some intelligble things to say on those topics.  Overall, they’re quiet, and seemingly shy on the radio–not nearly as animated as the other podcasters, but I suspect they’ll only get better with age. 

 World’s End Radio

  I’ve only listened to a couple of episodes of World’s End so far.  The most notable difference in this podcast is that they’re based in New Zealand er… Australia, so they have nifty accents and kitchy slang words.  They focus on all aspects of GW products, and not just 40k.  So, you’ll find information about fantasy, LOTR, and even specialist games.  And, if you’re just now discovering them, they have more than 40 back episodes you can listen to catch up on.

Tabletop Hooligans

They’re clearly a bunch of good-hearted gamers out of Long Island, but they’re a bit rowdy and foul-mouthed for my liking.  I suspect younger gamers will be into them, while us old fogies can appreciate what they have to offer, but ultimately wish they could do so without so many F-bombs…

The Imperial Vox Cast

This struck me as a down-home sort of podcast from a couple of guys out of San Diego, California.  In listening to it, I really got the feeling that it was more like listening to the guys next door talk about their game than a polished production.  It’s focused exclusively on 40k, and has a variety of hosts (and perspectives).  You’ll find perspectives of both competitive and casual gamers alike.

Life After the Cover Save

So new that it doesn’t yet have a proper logo.  I literally just stumbled across this podcast this morning, so I’m afraid I don’t know that much about it.  Really, the only thing I know is it’s a 40k related podcast and that Faolain over at Awakening Ynnead seems to like them.  He did warn readers that there is some cursing in the podcast, so keep that in mind if you’re going over to check t out.

40k Warcasting

 It’s amazing the amount of 40k related podcasts you can find if you look for them.  Again, I have to apologize, but I haven’t yet listened to these guys.  What I can say is just to repeat what I’ve read on itunes so far.  People are giving them the nod as “the most improved” podcast they know of.  Granted, that could be a back-handed compliment, but it sounds like the biggest problems they had at the start were related to sound quality.  I’ll be downloading a couple of episodes of this for my upcoming plane ride to DC. 


Not technically a podcast (yet), Bayhammer is a ustream production similar to a youtube channel that is working on adding podcasting to their format.  I’m adding them to the list at the request of their Editor, Scott, but unfortunately I don’t have any experience with them directly.  Oddly enough, I’ve read their blog before, but just never listened to their podcast.  Based upon their blog their website, they really are focused on 40k and have provided some good news quips in the past. 

The Independent Characters

Another new podcast, pointed out at the Galaxy in Flames, is the Independent Characters.  Again, I haven’t listened to them yet, but they sell themselves as a 40k podcast that attempts to bring you into their gaming group with reviews, opinions, and just generally entertaining information.  They come highly recommended from Big Jim, so I’m quite certain they’re worth a listen.

40K Basement

Well, they’re just crawling out of the wood work now.  These guys have had a blog for over two years, and a podcast that started a few months ago.  They seem to put out a pretty regular show (about three times per month) on a variety of 40k related topics.  From what I can tell digging around on their site, they seem a jovial sort, but be warned: the language won’t be suitable for children.  Probably a good choice if you like the Tabletop Hooligans (see above).

I also managed to find a ton of other podcasts of various non-40k relation that I thought people might be interested in.  I’ve consolidated a list of them below sorted into groups.  They may be sorted improperly though, as I’ve never listened to any of them.   

Warhammer Fantasy

Warmachine / Hordes

Assorted Games / Wargames (a la the D6 Generation)

As you can tell there are oodles of choices out there, and seemingly a podcast for every available topic.  Hopefully this post will help persuade someone else to give a chance to one or more of these podcasts (or podcasting in general).  I’d highly encourage you find one or more on this list that sound potentially appealing and giving them a shot.

Also, I owe a special nod to Big Jim, for chronicaling a similar list at the end of last year.  This was the post that piqued my curiousity in the whole podcasting realm… 

Thanks for dropping by…  If anyone has anything to add about the podcasts above (particularly those that I’ve never listened to), please leave a comment.  Also, if you’re aware of any podcasts I missed, please let me know!

All Podcast images owned by their respective sites (click each for a link).  Yellow/Green Alien image from http://www.tolley.info


7 comments on “40k Podcast Roll Call

  1. I think your nod was meant for Big Jim, since you liked my site! :-PThat is a solid list of pretty good content, I agree Hooligans is a bit rough with the F-bombs. I still cannot get myself to listen to 40k Warcasting, they remind me of fingernails on a chalkboard. I'll have to check out Life After the Cover Save! FYI, Worlds End Radio is outta Australia, so they are Aussies not Kiwis! I will be spotlighting what is quickly becoming my favorite podcast later today or tomorrow on my Blog. So keep an eye out for that!

  2. Whoops! Changes to both the kudos, and the kiwis have been made. Thanksfor catching them. :)And if your favorite podcast is something I don't have listed, you'll haveto let me know so I can update my list. It does pique my curiousity to findout what other people are listening to…

  3. Updated!I'd appreciate it if you could send me a link once you get the podcastingthing figured out, that way I can give it a listen on one of my morningcommutes, as well as update this list. 🙂

  4. Next week I will remember to hit record on audacity, this will solve the lack of posted pod casts. I was actually hoping to get last weeks show up on podbean but alas I was rather rushed before the show and over looked it. in the meantime those of you with iphones or android can get the ustream app if you want to get the first to shows to go. Thanks again for adding us to the list.CheersScottBH Senior Editor

  5. I also like a new podcast called 40k Basement. They're out of Columbus, OH and have a lot of great content. The behavior is very similar to that of Tabletop Hooligans, so if that sort of thing puts you off, be warned.

  6. Sounds like they're not likely to be my cup-o-tea, but I'll give them achance. One never knows… they could surprise me!Whether they turn out to be a personal favorite or not, I appreciate thelink. I'll add it to the list so that other people that stumble upon myblog have that many more choices to pick from.Mahalo.

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