NKOTB: Stahly’s Paint Station

Each month I try to take a moment to focus on a newcomer to the blogging world to spread the good word about a site that I’m excited about, and I call the feature NKOTB (short for New Kids on the Block).  This month’s new kid is Stahly’s Paint Station, and his musical counterpart is fellow German artist, Nena of renknowned “99 luft balloons” fame.

Seriously though, how could I not love a blog that focuses on Ultramarines, Imperial Guard, & Eldar?  Now, if we could only get him to start a Tyranid force, we’d be twins!  Well, twins like Danny DeVito & Arnold Schwarzenegger (in case you’re wondering, I’m the short one berift of talent, and he’s the one that grows up to be the governer of Cal-ee-for-nia).  There’s no doubt that Stahly has oodles of painting skill. 

The best examples of his skill are, without a doubt, his Eldar models.  They have a distinct crispness to them, highlighting the stark contrast of the red, black, and white armor of Saim-Hann craftworld.  Though red and white are notoriously hard to get smooth coats with, and black is difficult to highlight and shade, he pulls each of the colors off effortlessly.  I’m particularly impressed at the finesse he demonstrates on the white of his banshees.

Likewise, his ultramarines share that same stark-white and clean contrast that defines his style.  His use of complimentary colors to shade the white, helps tie the models together.  Instead of using browns, as he did with the Eldar, he uses blues to accent the armor of the Sternguard, making the finish model appear seemless.  Despite the color shift, the models appear stylistically similar, enough so that you can fairly easily attribute both pieces to the same artist. 

Keep in mind that these are but a couple of examples of the excellent work on display over at his site.  This is one of those blogs where I wanted to post every picture he had on a review of his work, but that would leave you nothing left to gander at on his pages.  I’d also suggest you check out his Wraithlord and Falcon–both of which are spectacular.

And while you’re there, perhaps you’ll pick up some tips.  He’s generally goodly enough to leave his color recipes on each post, and when you have questions, he’s prompt in answering them.  I know that when I finally get around to painting my Penal Legion squad, I’ll be using his tutorial on how to paint beastmen, as it appears to be a quick, and very pretty method.  Of course, I don’t have any of the paints needed, but that’s just an excuse to make a trip to the hobby store, right?

Some people have asked just what criteria I have for choosing new kids.  First of all, the blog has to be new (for my purposes, I’m trying to stay with blogs that are less than three months old).  Secondly, I try to find blogs with great content or skill, that have relatively few followers, compared to what I think they should have.  My goal here is just to send a modest amount of traffic their way, in the hopes that I can contribute something not only to the hobby, but to the blogosphere in general. 

Checking up on Last Month’s New Kid:

Last month’s new kid, The Lost Chapter (aka Dino’s in Spaaaace!) has been rather quiet.  However, he noticed my blog entry on him, and was gracious enough to provide some stunning backstory on the origin of his chapter.  It’s evident that this isn’t something he just whipped up over-night, and it’s a great read for you fluff-lovers out there.

Let’s hope he keeps posting!

Balloon image taken from tumblr.com; unfortunately I couldn’t find the original artist.


4 comments on “NKOTB: Stahly’s Paint Station

  1. Well, stop by his blog and let him know… I'm sure he'd appreciate it (notthat he didn't already see your comment, but still… the point of theseposts are to direct traffic to other blogs you might not be aware of.Stahly's definitely worthy of some of your attention).

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