Calling all DC Gamers

I just found out that I’m being banished to the Washington, D.C. area for the better part of a month, starting on the 28th of June.  So, if anyone down there is looking for a game, I’m ready and willing to play the victim.  Unfortunately, I won’t be renting a car (as I’m completely baffled by your “big city” traffic), but I can go anywhere near a metro station with ease.

Alternately, if you’re afraid of my wiley Alaskan ways and just have a suggestion on something fun to do, or someplace neat to see, I’m all ears.

I’ve been to DC about 6 times in the past three years, so I’ve seen most of the monuments and smithsonians.  This trip, I hope to catch a 4th of July fireworks display (sure to be amazing), and aside from that, I’ve got nothing planned but work.  So, if you have any idears, please let me know!

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11 comments on “Calling all DC Gamers

  1. Dude, if you'd made the trip at the beginning of June instead of July I could have afforded to drive up there to see you. It's only about 9 or 10 hour drive. I'm tapped out now though… Summer has a way of doing that to me. Have a fun trip anyway, the fireworks should be fantastic.

  2. Thanks for the tip. :)Do they just play GW games, or are there other games there? I'm not surethat I'll be able to pack an army for the trip, so I was kinda hoping toscrounge up a board game or so. If not, I can always drop by and watch, andhopefully meet some fellow bloggers.

  3. You have a bunch of choices in the DC depending on how far your willing to drive, for gamestores that is… Being north of DC myself I am partial to that side of town…1) Dreamwizards (Rockville, just north of DC, metro accessable)… Every Thursday nignt there is a large 40k and warmachine crowd… Some Saturdays and Wednesdays…2) Games & Stuff (Glen Burnie, 25 – 40 minutes north of DC…) Tuesday Night open gaming3) Glen Burnie Battle Bunker (Yes GW's East Coast flagship store)… 25-45 minutes north of DC

  4. Tiger Raja from The Jungle is up in Baltimore, might try contacting him. haven't seen it myself, but I hear the spy museum is cool if you haven't hit that yet. And the second part of the Air and Space Museum is pretty awesome. I went to school there, I had plenty of fun just wandering around different parts of town, like Georgetown.Hope you enjoy your exile/trip, and hope you don't melt!

  5. I actually went to the Battle Bunker last visit and saw some cool armies. Ihad no idea at the time that it was like a mini-40k-mecca.Is Dreamwizards down near Springfield? I stopped by a little shop there onmy last visit as well. Nice little store, and some really friendly gamersthere.

  6. Too funny. My first trip there, I walked off the plain and practicallymelted. I was down to setup a new server, so I wound up naming itIkipkaivik, which is Eskimo for “The Burning Place.”Yeah, it's definitely a tad warm for my Alaskan blood. Having been theresix times, I've done a fair amount of things. I have hit up most of thesmithsonians (though some, like Air & Space, were done at nearly asprint–so going back would be great)… and I have done the spy museumthree times now (yes, it's cool, but not cool enough to see three times… Ijust keep finding people that haven't been, so I take them there). Verygood advice there, and I think I will go back and check out Air & Spaceagain. They have an IMAX in there, right?There was also a nifty philly shop in Georgetown that I wouldn't mind goingback to. And some weird falafel king, or similar ethnic place I had my eyeon…I might look Raja up, but I'd feel bad asking him to come down and meet me.I might look him up. He's definitely old school! Thanks again for thetips. 🙂

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