Belated Battle Reports

When I started this blog, I pledged to write battle reports for all of my games, and my dedication to that cause has waned a bit.  Sometimes I forget my camera (or it runs out of batteries), and sometimes, I just want to sit down and play a game without having to worry about documenting everything.  As of late, I’ve been fairly lax in my duties, so I’m just going to write up a quick post here on a couple of battles that have slipped under the radar:

3000 Points: Ultramarines & Tau vs. Tyranids & Space Wolves

This game we randomly chose teams, between myself, Kris, Jeff &  his Dad.  Jeff and I wound up partnered up, against the unlikely duo of Nids & Wolves.

During army creation, our team went for the unconventional method of having a shooty-based marine force, supplemented by the might of the assault Tau (sans Kroot).  Needless to say, our plan was less than completely successful.  We ultimately lost the mission, contesting one objective, while genestealers feasted on our corpses near the 2nd.  Strategically, the blunders might have had something to do with Tau assault forces, but I chalk the loss up really to the nastiness that is combined when you pair the shooty capability of Wolves with the hand to hand of Tyranids.

Units worth mentioning for this game include my Ironclad (who dropped in the back to contest the rear objective, and stand toe to toe with the wolves), and Jeff’s crisis suits, who were brave enough to assault Tyranids (notice the lack of “and lived” on that sentence?).  

1500 Points: Tyranids vs. Tau

I played another game against Jeff’s Tau.  He ran a fairly standard mechanized force, while I brought in a flyrant, several squads of ‘stealers (three in pods, three as Ymgarls), and two Trygons.  WhenI saw his army was so mechanized, I figured I was done for, but I was wrong.

At first it looked like I would decimate his army, with my Ymgarls coming and and slaughtering all his Crisis suits on turn 2, and his completely ineffective retaliation shots.  His saving grace came in the form of flechettes.  Despite his inability to actually hit (or wound) my models with his super-weaponry, my ‘stealers were dying in droves to his reactive charges.

This game really came down to the wire, because of the style of objectives we’d chosen.  We had opted to go with a game of table-quarters, and, in the end, we each had only one scoring unit, and it came down to who could kill off the other’s last objective holders before the end of the game.  As luck would have it, I had more non-scoring units alive, and managed to finagle my last unit of stealers into combat with his last unit of Firewarriors.  If you have any doubts about how that battle wound up, see the above batrep on the might of Tau assault units.

Notable Units: Jeff’s stealth suits did little during the game, but managed to kill off enough ‘stealers to force them to take a break test, and then escorted them off the table.  For my units, the Ymgarls are just plain nasty when you plan their deployment correctly.  Realistically, they’re quickly becoming one of my favorite units in the codex.  The drop pods were also big helpers, allowing me to drop into really tight places, with little to no deviation (the ploy there is to drop in right next to the opponents models, so that if you deviate into him, you won’t move at all).

End Result, I snuck out a victory.

There are actually two more games that also haven’t made it to the write-up stage, but those I have pictures for, so hopefully I can inspire myself to actually finish soon.  Cross your fingers!

White Rabbit image from Disney’s “Alice in Wonderland.”

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