Painting IG Heavy Weapons Teams

I’m not sure what about the Imperial Guard compelled me to get into the army.  Perhaps it’s the fact that they’re the unbeatable hammer army of the 5th edition century, or maybe it’s a vain attempt to get enough IG posts on my blog to qualify for Col Corbane’s Parade Ground blog list?  More likely it’s my long-time love of models I refer to as “crappers.”

In previous editions, I’ve seen immense advantages to playing with screen units.  These disposable heros (or crappers, as I call them), are  purchased (and slain) in masses, but add a great addition to any list.  Need a bullet shield?  Well, call the Imperial Guard!  Of course, back in the day, I played these in Genestealer Cult lists, and more recently, in the Lost & the Damned section of the Eye of Terror codex.

Wow, has it really been seven years since that was released?

I’ve been mulling over ideas on how to bring both of these back to life for a while, as I have entirely too many Ratskin Renegades sitting on a shelf, unused.  One way to do this was to induct Imperial Guard into an army for Apocalypse games.  Well, that’s a great idea, for my Chaos troops, but how do I really justify the Warriors of Ultramar  allying themselves with rodent-lovers?

While thumbing through some nifty conversions for genestealer cultists (based on using heads from the Warhammer Ghouls boxed set), I had my answer.  Surely, the Ratskins could serve as my Lost and the Damned, and I could justify spending more money on Cadians to fill the role of both Genestealer Cult, and nifty looking Apocalypse allies.  Ok, so it’s not a flawless argument, and I know it’s basically just an excuse to buy more models, but I’m almost ok with it.  Well, I’m at least OK with it to buy models when I see them cheap.

So, over the past couple of years, I’ve been collecting cheap guard models and they have, in turn, been collecting dust.  It wasn’t until I stumbled upon a post by a humble blog by

the name of Military of Ultramar that I was finally inspired to put some effort into them.  Well, inspired enough to consider it, but not actually to get up and expend the effort.  Ultimately, credit for that effort was the chance to use them in an actual game coming up soon, the Battle for Argos Prime (which, sadly I won’t be playing in, but that’s another blog post altogether).

So, in keeping with my love of magnets, I started with my heavy weapons bases.  What I wanted to accomplish:

  1. Weapons should be interchangable and tie in with my Ultramarines
  2. Bases should be legal size and tie in  with the Ultramarines
  3. I should have the ability to use the weapons for the Ultramar PDF, Genestealer Cult, and/or my Ratskins

The obvious result was to magnetize the guns to the tripods (where applicable), and then to leave holes on each stand to place whatever models I wanted to use in them.  This gave me an added benefit of flexibility in my units (I wouldn’t have to designate a weapon as owned by a particular squad), the ability to easily note when a base had taken a wound, and a

llow me to paint less models overall (I can use models interchangably as heavy weapons squads, or basic infantrymen).  It does add some problems in keeping the guys standing upright on the bases, and leaving me with less dynamic looking models (as I can’t very well attach a heavy bolter loader to a base that may wind up containing a lascannon).

Over the course of the past week, I’ve been painting and basing 18 of these heavy weapons teams (and 37 weapon options) in expectation of Saturday’s game.

I debated the color choices, but ultimately decided to go with Blue Weapons (since I like the blue lasgun look), and red accents (to keep them aligned nicely with my Ultramarines.  While I could’ve gone all out and magnetized the weapon shields, and the ammo boxes, I opted not to, and I’m quite pleased with the overall result.

Now I just need to paint up the guardsmen to go with, right?  Pshaw, it’s taken me two years to get this far, expect to see the guard painted by 2012… 🙂

“Master of Puppets” (aka. Disposable Heros) image owned by Metallica.  How long do you think I have before Larz Ulrich sends me a cease and desist order to take it down?


9 comments on “Painting IG Heavy Weapons Teams

  1. I would be pleased too. This is my kind of project and the results, so far, look great. Also, I can sympathize with being a slow modeler.

  2. I would be pleased too. This is my kind of project and the results, so far, look great. Also, I can sympathize with being a slow modeler.

  3. Thanks. I was kind of saddened by the end result knowing that my actualpainted model tally is still at 0, despite the week's efforts since, withoutcrew, I can't really count them as completed models. It's progressthough… that's gotta count for something. 🙂

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