Blood Angels in Army Builder

The latest release of the AB40k files for Army Builder, version 1.07b, includes the new Blood Angels codex army list and was released a few hours ago. The files can be downloaded from the site, or by using the updates system inside Army Builder itself.

As always, kudos goes to the AB40k Maintainers who work diligently to provide us updates to the software without compenstation.  So, if you use the data files, by all means, you should drop by their forums and let them know that their work is appreciated.

Army Builder logo owned by Lone Wolf Development.  If you don’t already use the software, you’ll certainly want to check it out…


2 comments on “Blood Angels in Army Builder

  1. After checking out another dudes fancy AB list the other night at the LFGS, I was more or less sold on AB. Now that they got BA, I couldn't resist. I now have fancy pants lists building skillz! *insert maniacal laughter*Very cool program. I thought for the longest time it wasn't work the buck to pay, but totally is.

  2. Yeah, I was the same way. I've always been a notorious cheapskate in thepast, but the $30 or so for the software saves an amazing amount of timemaking lists. Granted, it's not 100% perfect, but it takes an amazing loadoff my shoulders (eg. basic math), and lets me play with all sorts oflists.I'm one of those guys that rarely plays the same list twice, and so it'sproven invaluable to me. If you played the same list repeatedly, I couldsee how you could pass… but not me! 🙂

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