Magnetizing Tyranid Warriors

Inspired by a recent purchase of Tyranid-esque boneswords, I’ve decided it’s time to assemble my warriors.

Now, in the past, I’d have just chosen the superior configuration glued on their arms and been done with it.  If there were multiple configurations that I liked, that meant that I’d  simply purchase more warriors to model up, but at $10 (or more) per warrior, that just isn’t an option for me anymore.  So, I went ahead and pulled out the magnets again.

A simple enough chore, I just drilled holes between the upper pair of arms and the lower pair, placing a 1/8″ x 1/4″ rod between each (with an extra 1/16″ spacer for the bottom arms).  Though the magnets don’t stick out clear to the edge of the hole in all cases, the ball-and-socket joints on the arms cover up any gaps rather convincingly.  Each arm then received a 1/16″ x 1/16″ rod in the right polarity to attach them to the body.

Unlike with my monstrous creatures, the polarity of right and left arms on my warriors is opposite.  This is really because their bodies aren’t wide enough to handle placing two magnets inside and reversing them.  In hindsight, I probably should’ve reversed the polarity of the MC’s as well.  I also didn’t think to align the polarity of these guys with my Space Marine terminators, but I’ve a 50% chance to have gotten it right, and besides, when will I need to put bone swords on my terminators?

The arms I have available are:

  • Scything Talons
  • Bone Swords (from Paulson Games)
  • Rending Claws (from Genestealers)
  • Deathspitters
  • Barbed Stranglers & Venom Cannons

For all of the guns, I took the time to drill out the barrels (you can make this out on the left-most warrior in the pic to the left).  As always, you can click on the thumbnails for a larger pic.

One thing to note is that I not only skipped magnetizing the Devourers (figuring that I can use the Deathspitters as such if I should choose to use them one day), but I also magnetized only one left (gun) arm for each model.  Coincidentally, this was the Devourer arm! 

The thought processes here was that the arm fits with every version of gun they can use, and looks reasonable to me as a fit.  Magnetizing less arms means less modelling work, less magnets to buy, and less painting to do.  That’s three good reasons for me to skip the other arms.  One thing I did do to make them work better is to magnetize all gun arms to connect to this arm.  So, each arm has a magnet to stick to the body, and all guns have an extra magnet to adhere to the left arm (which, in turn is also magnetized).  It makes them stick together better, making them more durable overall.

Again, I’m really pleased with the way they’ve turned out.  Since taking this picture, I’ve also gone ahead and puttied the cracks in their shoulders, as well as where their faces join to their heads.  Soon they’ll get hit with primer and be added to the ranks of my painted models for the year.


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