Gargoyle Week (Continued)

I began this week by displaying some of my old-style metal gargoyles and, as promised, I’m finishing up with some of the new plastic variety.

I have to say, that I love how simple the models are to put together, and how clean and easy they are to paint.  I’ve got 20 of these buggers painted up now, and the only thing left to do is to dip them.  I’m going to wait on that until I have a bunch of guys to do, like I did last time.

If you’re wondering about the colors at all, they’re the same as the metal variety:

  • Ultramarine Blue skin
  • Bleached Bone carapace
  • Tentacle Pink tongues
  • Skull White teeth
  • Chaos Black eye-sockets

With an added splash of red for the wings:

  • Red Gore basecoat
  • Blood Red highlights
  • Blazing Orange highlights

I was originally leery about the wing stripes, since the older style had areas that could be easily highlighted, and I had to free-hand these, but a little watered down paint and some overbrushing, and I was in business.  I’m really happy with the final outcome.  Now, I’ve just got to do another 20 of ’em….


5 comments on “Gargoyle Week (Continued)

  1. Thank you kindly.In retrospect, I should've done the carapace and the bones/talons adifferent color because of how things like Trygons show up (very plain), butI'm quite pleased with the orange on the wings. It really stands out wellto me.

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