Gargoyle Week

This week I’m painting Gargoyles for my Tyranid force.  I thought I’d start the week by displaying some of my older (4th ed.) style metal models. 

I only own eight of them, as they were quite expensive in metal (about $8 per model, which came to a staggering $.67 per point in game).  This made them one of the most (if not the most) pricey units to field in the entire game, and they weren’t very popular, which was sad, because I’ve felt these guys were superior to hormagaunts since 2nd edition,  but they got little attention from gamers–probably due to their high model cost. 

But I digress.  I own eight of these metal guys, and need to find two more relatively cheap to complete  the now minimum size of ten models for a squad.  My Washingtonian connection was supposed to hook me up, but that fell through for some reason.  No worries, I’m sure to find some on eBay before too long, and there is a chance that a local gamer is parting with some old-school ‘Nidz relatively cheaply.  We’ll see.

So, back to the gargs.  These are some of the more complex paint jobs in my ‘Nid army, in that they have more than five colors to them.  The scheme is based on the standard:

  • Ultramarine Blue skin
  • Bleached Bone carapace
  • Tentacle Pink tongues
  • Skull White teeth
  • Chaos Black eye-sockets

With an added splash of red for the wings:

  • Red Gore basecoat
  • Blood Red highlights
  • Blazing Orange highlights

So, yeah, very basic paint jobs, covered in dip to make ’em look suitably buggy. 

They haven’t gotten much use in my games, though I hope to use them more in the future.  In fact, the only time I’ve used these in a game was in Arctic Apocalypse 2010.   As to whether or not they’re worth it, I’ve already addressed that in my gargoyle unit review

Well, that’s it for today.  Later this week, I’ll get some pics of my WIP new-style gargs…  More pics below:

[nggallery id=10]


3 comments on “Gargoyle Week

  1. i love Garg's and dont see enough of them imo. Oh btw you forgot Dark Eldar in your poll of most powerful armies, theyre pretty potent too despite their age.

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