A Very Merry Unbirthday to Me: 6 Months Down

It’s hard to believe that the blog is six months old now.  Since I’m notorious for starting projects and burning out on them, I’m quite suprised at both the success it’s had(as modest as it may be) and my continued interest in updating it.

So as a step back as to what’s been achieved*:

  • 137 Total Blog Posts
  • 497 Total Blog Comments
  • 71 RSS Subcribers
  • 24 Followers with Google Friend Connect (late start)
  • 44,027 Total Page Views
  • 17,177  Total Visitors from a total of 79 countries
  • 9,810 Total Unique Visitors
  • Total countries, states, locations…

All in all,  this is more than I’d have ever expected from the blog.  I never would’ve dreamed there would be almost 10,000 different people in the world that would take the time to come check out my blog.  Granted, those numbers are more likely 200 people and 9600 spam-bots, but still!

Other interesting statitics*:

  1. Alaska, California, New York, & Pennsylvania account for 41% of all US-based traffic to the site
  2. Wyoming, New Hampshire, South Dakota & Delaware account for a measly 9 site visits total (do they not have computers in those areas?!)
  3. Africa represented a total of 49 hits from 4 different countries (though the Nigerians appear to be too busy making millions of dollars to come visit)
  4. Asia only accounted for 3% of my total hits.  Is there no such thing as a GW store in Japan?
  5. The average person is spending 3:33 minutes on this site per visit, and I’m at a 53.48% bounce rate.  That second number is higher than I’d like, but I suspect it has something to do with the fact that I link to so many external websites from my own.  Granted, not as much as Ron over at From the Warp, but a fair amount, none-the-less. 

I find this whole experiment  in blogging to be fascinating, and since I’m enjoying myself, I intend to keep going.  Hopefully you intend to keep reading as well.  🙂

I’d also like to take a moment to thank the rest of the community that helped inspire me to start, as well as to keep posting.  There are tons of great writers out there.  If you haven’t already, take a gander at my blogroll and see who out there is inspiring me…


*All figures from Google via Feedburner or Analytics.

Image from Graceful Cake Creations.

11 comments on “A Very Merry Unbirthday to Me: 6 Months Down

  1. indeed congratulations. surprised that there are that many from wyoming. it's the only state more sparsely populated than my own…. Montana.

  2. Grats! Its a nice blog :)Just hard to find your email (or then I'm blind).Found one somewhere but no reply so I guess it was wrong :PKeep up the good work!

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