NKOTB: A Gentleman’s Ones

Each month in my NKOTB column, I’m taking a moment to spotlight a relatively new blogger and a cheesy 80’s musical artist. This week, both of my choices were easy, and that’s why I’m focusing on the electric youth: A Gentleman’s Ones & Debbie Gibson.

In his own words, Bsmoove’s blog is designed “to bang a figurative drum for the untimely, the improbable, and the unnecessarily glorious aspects of this confounding hobby.”  I take that to mean that he’s not in it to crush his opponents, but for the subtle and rare instances where luck factors into things in a horribly wrong (or horribly right) fashion.  Living not for the generic grind of the game, but the little sparks of character that turn a table top battle into a story all on it’s own.

Like, Ms. Gibson, Bsmoove’s come into the scene from “Out of the Blue,” and also like the former teen heart-throb, he’s matured very quickly (Hubba hubba).  His posts are well thought out, incredibly documented, and easy to read.  He writes with a style that’s intelligent without being intimidating, and always on a relavant topic in the gaming world.

You’ll find a new post over at the Gentleman’s Ones almost every day, each peppered with colorful language, beautiful models, and countless tips.  With the superb quality of the photography, writing, and tips, Bsmoove proves to us one of two things:

  1. He is a perfectionist ADHD sufferer with a penchant for 40k.
  2. He is a closet team of gamers who’ve all assumed a single internet persona to develop a spectacular blog.

Simply put, there’s no way a sane person has enough creativity and free time to put out the volume of quality material that he seems to do.   Churning out posts that are equally deserving of being in the FTW Top 10 list day after day just isn’t the sort of stuff a single person can muster.  I guess there is always another option though:  Perhaps he’s sold his soul to the Chaos Gods for blogging powers?!  Whether we’re blessed by his ADHD and innate talent, or from the touch of the dark gods themselves, we should be thankful that his blog is around to entertain us–but if the Inquisition comes knocking around, it’s probably best to deny reading his blog at all…

For some examples of what he’s managed to put out in his 35 posts over the past 40 days, he’s started a charismatic theme war with a blogger from across the pond, wherein he’s using the fluff of his army to build ties with other gamers on the internet; converted up a few nasty looking Demon princes (which tie directly into the point above, soiling holy grails of a Blood Angel spin-off chapter) and given us some pretty nifty tips for painting melta weapons, along with a slough of other painting tips.  And by looking at the pictures strewn across his blog, it’s clear that he has enough ammunition to keep posting for a long time.  I know I, for one, am looking forward to just that!

Hrm… I didn’t manage to work in an “Only in my Dreams” reference into this post; I must not be trying hard enough…  Whatever the case, I strongly recommend you check out his blog: A Gentleman’s Ones.  He’s destined to be the next big thing on this here blogsphere! 

Status Update on Last Month’s New Kid

In last month’s NKOTB post, we looked at 08ak1’s blog.  Things got a little quiet there for a while, but he’s back from vacation and producing some more quality content.  His Avatar-esque sentinel conversions are finally done, and looking sharp, and just today he put up some good rule advice about vehicle squadrons and cover saves, both of which are turning more than a few heads.   

In between blog posts, he also managed to win the biggest 40k tournament in Alaska: Brimfost, so why not go over and give him a hearty congratulations?  From what I hear, the competition was pretty stiff.

Debbie Gibson photo seemingly copyrighted by Atlantic Records.  All other nifty pics came straight from A Gentleman’s Ones (and will be removed upon request–but hopefully he appreciates the modest amount of free publicity this post provides–if not the comparisons to 80’s rock superstar Debbie Gibson!).


5 comments on “NKOTB: A Gentleman’s Ones

  1. Thank you very much for the really kind write-up. Really, I can't thank you enough. I'm really pleased to you've been enjoying the blog and hope that you will continue to do so for a very, very long time. Cheers,Brian (aka B. Smoove) p.s. it's just me. p.p.s. Debbie Gibson? haha.

  2. Don't mock the 80's star power! Check your stats… expect a massive surgein readership due to Gibson Groupies after today.(Keep in mind that “massive surge” is relative and likely translates 1-2extra visitors amongst hardcore Gibson fans).

  3. Well now I can't comment on the Gentleman's Ones for a few days, or else I'll potentially be labeled as a Debbie Gibson Groupie! I hold YOU personally responsible for this outrage! …snicker…

  4. Pshaw, you know you subscribe to TEEN BEAT magazine, and that's OK. We'reall friends here.By the way, did you see the picture of Kirk Cameron in this month's issue?Isn't he sooooo dreamy?

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