Ebay Day: 12 Hours Left on 130 Auctions

As of the time I’m writing this post, $10 will get you 30 models (plus some Forgeworld bitz) shipped to you for free!  This includes tons of current edition figures that are brand new on the sprue, and a bunch of classic OOP models from 20 years ago. That’s somewhere in the ballpark of 95% retail prices with free shipping.

I’m not sure why the prices are so low–maybe I listed them poorly, but whatever the case, it’s an opportunity for you to grab some models at unbelievable prices.  Granted, the auctions still had 24 hours left (about 12 left at the time this post actually goes live), so that may change a bit, but I suspect there are going to be at least a few insane deals at the end of the bidding.  The point being, there are a bunch of great models out there selling for dirt cheap. 

Some of the best deals available are:

  1. A perfect condition Eldar Farseer for just one penny!
  2. All of the Liber Chaotica chaos fluff books in pristine condition for only $5.50 each!
  3. Rogue Trader Era Chaos Terminators (been out of print for 20 years) for around $1 each!
  4. Well painted Vindicare Assassin for Demonhunters or Witch Hunters for only $3.25!
  5. Forgeworld Terminator shoulderpads (still on the sprue) for just $0.25 per pad!!!
  6. Some spectacularly painted Eldar all for far less than their unpainted retailvalues.  This includes some Fire DragonsHowling Banshees, Dark Reapers, Striking Scorpions, a Farseer, an Avatar, and more…

Yeah, there’s an ulterior motive for me to send you to my own ebay auctions, but trust me, you won’t find better deals than this anywhere.  Below you’ll find some of the pictures of the stuff that’s for sale (as well as on the sidebar for the site).

You won’t want to miss out…


7 comments on “Ebay Day: 12 Hours Left on 130 Auctions

  1. Some great deals it's just the shipping that hurts, but if some of those deals stay in that range the shipping isn't much of a factor!

  2. Shipping is a bit high for one auction, but if you buy multiple auctions,shipping is reduced. Buy 1 auction and shipping is $5. Buy 3, and shippingfor the total auction goes down to $4.I'd say that's pretty reasonable.

  3. Hey, I netted myself some of your auctions… so could I pay you the shipping and have you drop them off at the wasilla wal-mart at my wife's work? It might save you money that way if you are heading out to the valley anyway, but if its too much hassle its not a big deal.You really let some of this stuff go far too cheaply! I have some tyranid leftovers, so if you are looking for devourer gaunts or carnifexes I've got a few lying around.

  4. Yeah, I'm particularly amazed at how cheaply the painted models went for..and some of the rogue trader stuff. Of course, some of the Blood Angelsstuff went for more than retail (despite being horribly painted.Well, them's the breaks, eh?As for Wasilla… I go out there once every couple of years, and alas, I'mnot planning on going out anytime soon. You are welcome to drop by myhouse, or I can meet you in Anchorage if that works for you.I'm not in any particular need for more bugs, but I'm always interested inhearing what you want for that sorta stuff. How many do you have, whatcondition are they in, and what were you looking to get?

  5. Yeah, I get to anchorage about as often as you get to wasilla. It's ok to send it through the mail, it should get here ok (if my post office doesn't burn it up… for some reason theyre allowed to smoke in there). The address is in the paypal payment, and its good.Yeah, I tried to go for corbolo (one of the few BA SCs I don't have) but I wasn't prepared to pay retail for him so I had to let him go. Most of these sisters are for my wife to start a WH/SM army. The necron codex is for her to look at to see if she wants to start them while theyre still cheap, since she likes egyptian stuff this isn't too far off.

  6. I do believe I sold everything Eldar I had… Well, most everything. I'vegot a handfull of HQ units that I'm hoping to turn into Exodites.Sorry! But now's a good time to buy them on eBay, as they seem to sellcheap!

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