Holy Hierophant! My Gargantuan Paintjob.

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Last week, I’d realized that I’d gotten so caught up with the Apocalypse game and my vacation earlier this year, that I had forgotten to post pictures of my Tyranid bio-titan I had started in January.

I didn’t do anything fancy with the paint job.  He’s basically Ultramarines blue, with highlights into Ice Blue, and a Bleached Bone carapace with faded white streaks.  All with a healthy coating of polyurethane.  No, he’s not the greatest paint job, but he fits in well with the rest of my bugs, and does have a suitably slimy feeling that’s certainly imposing.  Granted, the fact that this new codex improved his save to a 3++ invulnerable helps in that department as well (though, I refuse to play it that way–some things are just TOO powerful).

The greens are mired in Dark Angels Green, working up through Goblin Green and into Bilious Green.  The reds start in the Scab Red era, and work up to Blood Red highlights.   Purples started off with liche purple, and blend (not so gently) into Tentacle Pink.  All in all, I don’t know how many of these colors even exist anymore, though I’m sure some of them have come and gone out of production.  This is what happens when you haven’t purchased paints in 10-15 years, you wind up with some fairly cool/rare paints.  Sadly though, it also means your options for brown are pretty bleak (did they ever make a non-runny vial of Snakebite Leather?), and greys are non-existant (there’s Shadow Grey & Spacewolf er… blue I guess).


In order to get some pictures, I tried to put this guy in my lightbox, and he fit–but just barely.  It failed miserably at taking the focus off the background of the image though, so I scrapped most of those.  Instead, I  setup a gaming table and took a couple of “dynamic” action-shots of the bug romping around the table.  Of those, only a few came out  good.  So, I posted some of those, and some of the not so good ones that I thought had some conceptual value.  You can see those pictures, in addition to those above by clicking on the thumbnails below.

I also thought I’t take a moment for another shameless self-plug.  This week I have a ton of models available for sale on Ebay due to my Spring Cleaning sale.  This includes the dynamically posed Eldar Avatar from the photo above.  At the time I wrote this post, he’s going for a measly $5!!  That’s an absolute steal!

So please, take a moment to check out my ebay auctions.  You’ll be glad you did.  And remember, shipping gets cheaper the more models auctions you win!


As promised below you can find more thumbnails of my new Gargantuan beastie.  How many painting points do you think that’s worth?

[nggallery id=8]


9 comments on “Holy Hierophant! My Gargantuan Paintjob.

  1. did they ever make a non-runny vial of Snakebite Leather?Yeah, it's called “Tausept Ochre”. The regular Snakebite is better than the old formula, but the Foundation equivalent is superior pigment-wise.

  2. well, yes. but no. it's a real foundation color.you could also try looking for some Valejo paints. I like mine. plus, I prefer the dropper bottle over the paint pot.

  3. i never have a problem with runny paints, shoot i'v gotten in the habit of watering down every pot i buy first thing. I think i read on some Eavy metal article they were meant to be watered down like that….i dunno, George probably knows.oh and dont diss your paint job with “its not that good cause i used dipping”, painting isn't about the trip its about the destination (for most) so if dipping produces good quality products like yours, then well done! Thats my 2 cents as a get'r done painter =)

  4. Oh, I'm quite pleased with the over-all effect, so I'm sorry if I came offas dissing my own paint job. I just meant to say that I didn't put forthmuch effort, so I don't expect it to win any sort of painting awards.As for paints… it's weird, some paints in the past were notoriously runny:Snakebite Leather and one of the yellows (Bad Moon? Sunburst? I think itwas Sunburst. Heck, it had to be one of those, because they didn't haveother yellow options) were some good examples.By the way, are you gaming tonight, or skipping it to do Brimfrost?

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