Spring Cleaning 2010 – Everything Must Go!

With the official start of spring quickly approaching (March 20th), it’s time to think about spring cleaning.  Even though I live in Alaska, and spring is more than likely three months away, it is something that I should do sooner rather than later.

Over the winter, my addiction really got out of hand, and I found myself with more models than I know what to do with.  I started an Eldar Exodite Army, picked up a ton of Imperial Guard (most of which have yet to leave the sprue, much less see a drop of paint), and got caught up in the new Tyranid codex.   With all of these new toys, there’s just no room anymore.  My wife (bless her heart) is too kind to let me know she’s had it with my mess, so I’m taking some initiative.

That’s where you come in!  Want my old crap?  I want you to have it!  That’s why I just started a  week full of auctions over at Ebay, with everything priced at ONE CENT!  Some of the stuff I have listed includes:

  • Tyranids:
    • Carnifex, Old One Eye, Brood Lord, Bone Sword & Lash Whip, etc.
  • Blood Angels:
    • Special Characters: Mephiston, Dante, Tyco, Corbulo, and some chaplains
  • Imperial Guard:
    • Female Commissars, Cadians, Storm Troopers, Adeptus Arbites, and a rogue Trader Era Inquisitor, etc.
  • Ultramarines:
    • Limited Edition SKULLZ Standard Bearer, Tyranid Hunters, Marneus Calgar, Honor Guard, Graham McNiel novels, etc.
  • Chaos:
    • Rogue Trader Era Renegades, Chaos Terminators, Liber Chaotica books, etc.
  • Eldar:
    • Grav Tanks, Aspect Warriors, Wraithguard, Vypers, Phoenix Lords, Warlocks, Guardians (and a lot more)
  • Witch Hunters:
    • Battle Sisters, Seraphim, Special Weapons, Heavy Weapons, Cannoness, Retinue, Assassins

So far there are 113 auctions (and counting), all of which start at $.01.  Sure, I’m going to lose some money on them, but I just want to get rid of this stuff so I can finally see the floor in my hobby room. 

Please help me out!  Click the image below to see my auctions:


7 comments on “Spring Cleaning 2010 – Everything Must Go!

  1. Too bad you won't ship to Europe. There are quite a few of those I would be interested in. I understand you though, it's a hassle to ship overseas. Love the dynamic Wraithlord!

  2. While not necessarily flush with excess hobby cash at the moment, I will do my best to take some of them off your hands. I might as well start spreading out to cover more sections of my floor.

  3. There are some amazing models in these auctions. I've got my name on a few of them. Fingers Crossed. Cheers for the heads up.

  4. Glad you like 'em. I still have some emporer's champions, some leftoversfrom the Iwo Jima diorama I butched up, and some other Games Day modelskicking around for the next cleaning. Can't let it all go at once, right?

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