My Virtual Army – Revisited

 Last year, I did a review of a free online game based in the 40k Universe called “My Virtual Army.”  Essentially the game is an almost mindless alternative to 40k that requires minimal effort: you just need to go to the site one or more times per day and click a button (but no more than once every two hours)–granted, it can be much more involved than that, but that’s the absolute minimum.

The game has recently been revamped to beta v0.6 and, though I’ll admit to my interest waning before this patch came out, it again has recaptured my attention.  Some of the new features of the game include:

  • More Armies:  Now, in addition to Ultramarines, Orks, Tau, & Necrons, the Tyranids and Eldar have entered the picture. 
  • Better Documentation:  One of the problems with the older version was that, unless you’d been playing it a while, you just didn’t know how things worked.  Now, the way the engine works is clearly spelled out.  Hopefully, they put out a codex-like feature in upcoming releases, so you can easily see units and their available upgrades in one spot.
  • More Casual Friendly Damage:  Due to the implementation of both shooting and assault, units now have a chance to do damage, and won’t do it automatically  based upon their strength.  What this means to me is that I can walk away from the game for a day or two, and come back to more than just a pile of smoking rubble.  Even after neglecting my army for a full day, half of my units will still be alive (and hopefully ready to upgrade!)
  • More Special Features:  Rewards for accomplishing certain feats include titles, and unlocking of special characters. 
  • Better Balance:  This version is still in it’s infancy, but at first glance, the armies seem to be balanced more appropriate between each other.  No one army seems to completely dominate the others.

So, if you have a free couple of minutes each day (and you probably do, if you’re reading my blog), you might want to head over to and check out the new and improved MVA.  It certainly beats Mafia Wars…


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