NKOTB: 08ak1

Inspired by several other established bloggers, each month I’m taking a few minutes to spotlight a relatively new blog out there, and hopefully send a modest amount of traffic their way.  As a follow-up to last month’s NKOTB post, I’ve opted to throw a new twist on the theme: since I’m spotlighting a new blogger each month to the 40k blogosphere, why not also spotlight a different 80’s band with a suitable name?  Granted, I’ll run out of bands before too long, but I can always use their different album titles to spice things up.

This week’s New Edition, is 08ak1–or as I like to call ’em: Old King Cole. 

I’m sure someone out there (besides Cole himself) is wondering why I like to call him that.  Ultimately, there’s no reason.  I could’ve just as easily gone with a Paula Abdul twist (Cole-hearted Snake), a Christmas tune (The First Co-ele), or something along those lines, but the nickname that popped into my head was simply “Old King Cole.”

Enough babbling about meaningless nicknames, let’s talk about the 08ak1 blog.  Now I’m lucky enough to know Cole in person, and there’s really no end of good things to say about him.  He’s got an amazing grasp of the rules, but is tempered with the maturity so as not to become a rules-lawyer.  When something is out of line, he’s quick to point it out, but in a way that’s not confrontational.  He’s a sound tactician, a respectable painter (as long as you don’t have to look at his Grey Knight models), and quite the modeler.   For these reasons, I thought he’d have a lot to bring to the blogosphere, so I encouraged him to start writing.  Apparently, he was tired of hearing from everyone what a good job he’d do, and he broke down and started 08ak1 this month.

So far, he’s already written some compelling articles, including:

Most of his subjects thus far have been detailed enough to be sprawled across multiple posts, so you’ll need to poke around his site to see it all.  These and more are the reasons why 08ak1 stands out as the “New Edition” in my book–so stop by and check him out for yourself.

The original New Edition grew up to be Bell Biv Devoe, Bobby Brown, and the other guy.  If this parallel has any truth to it, that gives 08ak1 an 80% chance of success in the future.  Knowing Cole, I suspect his blog will grow up to smoke crack, marry Whitney Houston, and lay down lead vocals for the latest Ghostbusters movie…  but hey, what he does with his blog is his Prerogative, right?

Status Update on Last Month’s New Kid

Looking back at last month’s pick: Lascannons & Lances, he’s still rolling solid with good material.  As a matter of fact, he’s made the Top10 list over at From The Warp twice since last month!  As much as I’d love to attribute this to the inspiration granted from my little blog, I’m begining to think it has more to do with the top quality posts he’s pumping out.  Since my write-up of his blog, he’s had posts on resin casting shoulderpads and a similar tutorial on how to use resin bits to spruce up ordinary plastic backpacks.

In his latest post, he’s looking for volunteers that want free duplications of their privately sculpted models.  How can you beat that?!?  So, if you missed last month’s recommendation, take a moment to check out the Lascannon page.  You’ll be glad you did.

New Edition image copyright MCA records.  Imperial Guard photos linked directly from 08ak1’s blog.


4 comments on “NKOTB: 08ak1

  1. You forget the ever popular Cole Train (from that race car movie i haven't and wont see….)thanks for the shout out man, i was in LA the last two weeks and life goes back to normal tomorrow so ill have some new stuff up soon.

  2. my bad, Cole Train is from Gears of war, i was referring to Cole Trickle from Days of thunder….thats the one i constantly get and therefor refuse to see the movie.

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