Tyranid File for Army Builder Released

For all of you Tyranid fanatics out there, like myself, who want to play the game, but loathe the basic math involved in multiplying 20 termagants times five points each…  there’s exciting news: The folks over at www.ab40k.org have released the latest edition of the battle files for download (see the bottom of this post for a direct link). 

It doesn’t appear that the auto-update within Army Builder is functioning just yet, but you can download the file directly from their site.

There are two things I want to go over before I give you the link, though.  Firstly, it’s important to note that this is designed as an aid for those of us who purchase the codex and are too lazy to actually build armies.  It isn’t meant as a free-ride for cheapskates who just don’t want to shell out $25 for a book.  Please follow the rules, and by a copy of your codex.  It’s by GW’s good graces that the ab40k maintainers are allowed to continue to help us all out.  If they feel like the software is hurting their sales (er.. I mean, infringing upon their copyright), I’m sure they’ll come down hard and fast.

Second, the guys over at ab40k do an awesome job at updating these files on a regular basis.  If you use the software, I’d highly encourage you to go over to their site and encourage them.  I don’t believe they accept donations (likely to stop them from being shut down), but it would be great if you could just drop by their forum and show your support.  Likewise, for those of you who claim the files are buggy, by all means, post a bug report.  In my experience, they’re pretty good about fixing known issues.

Ok, ready for the download?  Keep in mind, they suggest you clear out your old version of the data files to avoid any problems.  Their exact wording is:

Description: General release 1.06a now Available. Includes the 5E Tyranid file, our usual bug fixing and patching and something new – testing trial of Black Templars V2.

We would strongly urge anyone who is intending to use this file to put this release in an entirely new folder or to delete their older AB40K folder before applying this update. Many files have been removed and or modified and to prevent unnecessary problems with updating this is highly recommended.

Apocalypse formations based on the new Tyranid files have been adjusted. Note that there are a few formations which have options which are no longer available or do not fit in properly without interpretation. As it our “mission” to provide the data provided by GW without such interpretation, the offending data sheets were removed and will be restored whenever GW provides such guidelines to bring these older formations under the 5E Tyranid rules.

Witch Hunters and Daemonhunters ally rules have been substantially redone. Now they use the nominal system provided within AB for their selection instead of their own specialized procedure. Note that the nominal rules provided in each of those codices stll applies, only the way of selecting them within AB has changed.

Black Templars are a small test bed of some of the possible changes in the future. Players will note that in the Space Marine roster selection screen, you will see Black Templars and Black Templars V2. The V2 files have had several squads redesigned to allow models which change the basic profile to be selected as separate models. This allows the profile for a model to be clearly defined such as in the case of a power fist (with doubled St, lowered In, and of course no bonus attacks unless you happen to be armed with two power fists) or even just a Bolt Pistol and CCW (with a different attack profile from a model with just a bolter). This is mainly to test the feasibility and player like/hatred to such a design. Note that what you gain in clarity, you make the sacrifice in roster pages.

Also tying in to the above slightly, on your hard copy it is recommended that you adjust the amount of space for the name to 36 characters.

Please report any bugs that you come across in the bug tracker, they will be essential for further updates.

The AB40K Maintainers.

So go, get it while it’s fresh!  CLICK HERE to download it.  And definitely go thank them for the work they put in.

Simpsons image is assuredly the property of either Matt Groening, The Fox Broadcasting Company, or both.  Used without permission.


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