If You Can't Beat 'Em… (Tricking Blogger to Think it's WordPress)

Last week, I posted that I was having problems with OpenID on blogger sites.  Though I haven’t found a concrete fix to it, I do have a work-around, and for the life of me, I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of this sooner.

Since most 40k bloggers seem to have adopted blogger as the standard for their blogs and comments, why not join the dark side?  Well, the obvious reason is that I like the depth that my wordpress account grants me, and more so, my blog is already pretty well put together (if I do say so myself).  Switching platforms really means more work.  So, then the question winds up being: how can I switch to blogger without leaving WordPress?

Well, when it’s posed that way, the answer seems simple: create a blogger account and trick it into thinking it’s WordPress (or at least trick everyone else).  Doing this is surprisingly simple. 

Step 1: Create a Blogger Account

There’s a pre-req to this step if you don’t already have a gmail account  in that you need to create one of those.  Since I already had one, it was really as simple as signing in to http://www.blogger.com and creating a new blog.  I also named that blog “Warhammer39999,” so in effect, if you go to http://warhammer39999.blogspot.com you’ll be going to my site.

Step 2: Configure Your Blogger Profile

The only things you need to do is set a display name to be what you want to be called on other people’s site, and set an optional graphic.  In my case, I used the same Ultra logo I’ve been using for the rest of my site, and the generic name “Warhammer39999.”

At this point I can feel free to comment on any blogger account with my new Google log-in and it says that “Warhammer39999” left a comment.

Step 3: Redirect Traffic from the Blogger Account to Your WordPress Account

Typically this is done when you have a blogger account that migrates to WordPress and want to keep the old links working and the old traffic flowing.  In this case, I just want to ensure that anyone who clicks on my name from any site sees the right information.  Typically when you click on a name of a blogger account that leaves a comment, you’re taken to their profile page (see my new one here).  From here, it shows a list of blogs that person writes for, and which ones they publically subscribe to (along with whatever personal information they want to display). 

The problem is when someone clicks on the link to your blog at this point, they’re directed to your new blogger blog, and not to the WordPress blog.  Since I don’t actually want to have to keep two identical blogs up to date, I need a method to direct all of the traffic going to my Blogger account to my WordPress account.  I was having problems using a simple HTML redirect, but then stumbled upon a writeup on laffers.net that does exactly what I want.  Granted, it does more than what I need it to, but it seems to redirect to my blog flawlessly.  Go ahead, try it.  Visit http://warhammer39999.blogspot.com and see if it doesn’t take you back to my main page.

Granted, there are some imperfections with this method.  If anyone tries to link to my blogger account via URL as a blog they follow–that won’t show up properly.  Likewise, if people start to believe my blog is really warhammer39999.blogspot.com, and try to link directly to subcontent, such as this post (/2010/02/tricking-blogger-to-think-its-wordpress), it won’t work.  What I mean by that is of the following two links, only the second will work (because it points to my real blog).

These are relatively minor inconveniences though, and I don’t forsee them being a big issue.  So, whatever the quirky problem with OpenID was, it’s fixed… or at least it’s not bothering me anymore.  And as any good IT guy knows, a work-around is as good as a final solution, as long as it doesn’t come back and bite you in the end.

Here’s to hoping!

Blogger/Wordpress mishmash image from http://www.cssreflex.com.


4 comments on “If You Can't Beat 'Em… (Tricking Blogger to Think it's WordPress)

  1. I'm glad I was able to help. I know that these blog-related posts aren'tgoing to appeal to everyone, but really this blog is about sharing, andsince my key demographic is other bloggers, what better topic is there toshare about than blogging itself?That said, I do have some other posts on the subject that might interestyou. If you haven't already checked them out, there's an entire category ofposts on maintaining the site:https://warhammer39999.wordpress.com/category/website-…Thanks for stopping by…

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