Happy Birthday to Me!

Just a small self-plug.  While you guys are out trying to impress the ladies of your lives, I’m anxiously awaiting my new birthday present:

Since my wife (and practically everyone I know) loathes buying gifts for me, she instead decided that I don’t have to try to do anything special for Valentine’s Day if she doesn’t have to try to do anything for my birthday (little did she  know, that’s the bestest birthday gift of all!).  Instead, she just told me to go spend $100 on anything I wanted.  Considering all of my terrain is hills and trees, but I play almost purely futuristic games, I decided it was time to get some spiffy new buildings, ergo: Games Workshop’s Imperial Sector!

I had to mail order it since I couldnt’ find one locally, so I have to wait.  Once it comes, maybe I can convince people around here to start playing some Necromunda games, eh?  Now there’s a blast from the past…

Anywho, happy Valentine’s to you all.  Hopefully you’ve found your someone special.  If not, it’ll happen soon enough–and until then, there’s always more toys!!!

Image copyright Games Workshop


8 comments on “Happy Birthday to Me!

  1. Nice!I love the Imperial sector box, so much so that I bought 2 of 'em!Make 40k so much better and is an almost mandatory purchase IMO.Happy birthday Rob.Can't wait to see pics of the pieces you make with them.

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