That Perfect Gift For Her

Well, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and fella’s it’s time to start worrying.  What can you get her that says you care about her? 

Might I suggest a new pair of earrings?  Nothing says love like shiny impersonal baubles.  If you’re in the market, Jen, over at Deviant Art has a perfect pair for your lady friend.  These custom made trinkets are more than just crass knock-offs and expensive jewels: they’re pain-stakingly crafted by hand, for women, by women.  To top it off, it includes her in your hobbies and gives her a chance to spend some quality time with you.

These earrings are sure to melt her callous chitinous exterior.   Perhaps she’ll be so elated by this gift that she’ll  “clean your dice” or “basecoat your army.”  If you’re really lucky, she might even “stain your swarm.”

Whatever the case, this is clearly THE GIFT for your lady-friend this Valentines…

Not only are they crafted by a woman, for woman, but they also match nicely with the recent 40k codex release.  I’m telling you, gents… this is a winner.

  Tyranid earrings (and other super cool artwork) from Jen at Deviant Art: picture courtesy of Chilean blog:


6 comments on “That Perfect Gift For Her

  1. Awesome! That's the perfect gift for my gf! She's just starting a Tyranid army(she plays Eldar, Daemons, and Blood Angels right now), so I can paint up a set in her color scheme!

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