In Search of Apocalyptic Vassals

So, I’ve tried to write-up a standard battle report for our recent Apocalypse game, but the tool that I use: Vassal 40k, seems to be lacking in a couple of areas.

I started by  making a mock-up of the battlefield we played on using a non-standard board shape.  Overall, I think I did relatively well with the tools at my disposal, though it isn’t a strictly accurate depiction.

The hills are hills, the ruins are ruins (albeit slightly larger than they were in our game), and the forests are forests.  From there, the similarities stop.  I had no real easy way to recreate the snow drifts on our board, so I used mud patches–and there was absolutely no rendition of Tyranid spore terrain, so I substituted silos.  Realistically though, you get a good sense of what’s going on by looking at the map.

And that’s where the real problems kicked in:

  1. The terrain within the module that I have is insufficient for the actual terrain I use.  I can live with this by making simple substitutions (see above).
  2. The models–which were once current and great–have fallen by the wayside.  Many models can be substituted for others (especially in the IG and Space Wolves army  lists, but for some options in the Tyranid codex, there just aren’t equivalents).
  3. This is the biggie.  There are no super-heavies or Titans in the program.

Now, I understand that the 40k module of Vassal is now defunct because of IP infringement, and that it’s likely taboo to even talk about it on your blog.  I, however, have never used it to replace 40k–I only use it to do write-ups of my battle report.  So, I’m asking to see if anyone out there has either of the following:

  1. Do you know where in the Vassal files I can find the sprites with which to edit the graphics / add new units to my version in order to complete these battle reports?  I’ve already found a basic example of how to draw the pics–but not where to put them once they’re drawn…
  2. Alternately, do you know of an updated version of the Vassal 40k datafiles that include the new units from IG, Space Wolves, Tyranids, or any Forgeworld units?

I’m more than happy to create crude sprites for the purposes of my battle reports if someone can point me in the right direction.  Naturally, I’ll understand if people don’t want to help for fear of the ban-hammer. If you can help, please feel free to post here or email me at:

hobbies (at)


Russian vassal picture from


One comment on “In Search of Apocalyptic Vassals

  1. Well, there are fan-created sprites for the new tyranids, and there were titans in the epic module. I have links to both, but i don't know if i should post them here. Tell me if i can or if i should send an email.

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