FTW Top10: Special Guest Star

For those that are unaware, the Top 10 list over at From the Warp is inviting guests to contribute a link to the list.  Through some fluke, I happened to be the first blogger who got to contribute a link, so I thought I’d take a moment to detail my experience.

Let me begin by saying that I’m a huge fan of both FTW and the Top10 list in general.  While it’s not any sort of official list, it’s a great way to get some publicity for little known blogs (something I’m trying to do with my new NKOTB feature).  The list itself isn’t run by Ron (the maintainer of FTW), but rather by Ryan from On The Painting Table, and features ten projects each week that have caught his eye.

After a year of the feature, he’s decided to mix things up by adding guest bloggers to contribute one link each week to the post.  The first such post, was the one that I volunteered to comment on. 

My first thought was that it must be incredibly hard to go through so many posts each week and choose only ten.  To make these even more difficult, as a guest blogger, I was only able to choose a single link!  Do I highlight a great painter?  A great sculpter?  A relatively little-known blogger who generally does good work (in order to make them more prominent)?  My own blog?  A friend’s blog (yeah nepotism!)?

The only real guidance given to me by Ryan was:

  • It has to be posted after the previous Top10 was published (~9am EST on Tuesday)
  • Abide by the language rules for FtW
  • Keep it short.  I originally wanted to write a short paragraph as to why I thought this blog was the right choice to spotlight, but Ryan asked me to emulate the style that he normally uses for his list in my writing.

Otherwise, I was pretty much free to do what I wanted.  Well, that meant self-promotion was allowed—but I still wasn’t going to do it.  To me, the biggest value of the Top10 list (and FTW itself) is that it allows exposure to the little blogs that otherwise wouldn’t see much traffic.  Not that I’m a big man on campus, mind you, but I’ve had a bit of fortune in the past, and I’d just like to pay that forward to others.

So, this week I diligently delved through the blogs on FTW, and frequently clicked on links from a spiderweb of blog-rolls in an attempt to find some new stuff.  Ultimately, I was able to narrow my picks down to 8 choices.  Curiously enough, Ryan didn’t pick any of those 8 to feature in his top ten.  So, I figured I’d post my picks here to honor those blogs that I thought did some outstanding work this week (keep in mind, that just because you’re not on the list, doesn’t mean your site isn’t awesome, it probably means I got tired of clicking links!).  So, in no particular order, here they are:

Many of these were spiffy choices, but several of them didn’t make the cut—not because of content, but because my main goal was to promote lesser known blog (sorry Santa Cruz & Pony Boy), but all were worthy of mention to me.

Math majors will realize that there are only seven links on that list, and I originally said there were 8.  This is because I REALLY wanted to promote a fellow Alaskan Blogger,who is new to the scene and has some amazing work to offer.  Unfortunately, I didn’t feel that his post had enough mass appeal this week to hold a top10 spot.  Sadly, just a couple of hours after the Top10 for this week went live, he posted a doozy:

Anywho, I’m glad to have had the chance to contribute to the list.  In the future, I hope more people volunteer to help promote fellow bloggers—and that each of you brings your own twist to the list.  Perhaps the guest spot will transform to be more than a single stubby sentence with a link, but perhaps it won’t.  Either way, I’d like to thank everyone in the community for producing such great work, and a special thanks to both Ryan and Ron for hosting the Top10 list each week.

If you’d like to volunteer to be the next guest on the top10 list, I’m sure Ryan would love to hear from you.  You can find out how to do just that on his site here.


Guest logo from http://www.youaretheguest.com.


4 comments on “FTW Top10: Special Guest Star

  1. There is just so much cool stuff out there these days isn't there?I am very fortunate that Ryan does such an amazing job with the Top Ten and I think you've done it justice here as well by “paying it forward” as you say. I don't know about the rest of you guys, but once I feel like I'm “caught up” with new stuff in the blog rolls, I tend to go back further (by date) and really look at some of the ones I might have not looked at originally. I almost always find something cool tucked away in a post that I mssed.

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