The Parasite of Mortrex – Conversions are Fun!

For the rest of the world that doesnt know me, I’m Jerm.  I enjoy doing massive terrain building projects, and modeling unique creatures for my armies.  I will start putting together galleries of some of the many projects i have been working on, or have already completed, or are in thier various stages of completeness, taking up space in my garage.

To give you an idea of what I’ll be posting about, Here is a sample of some of the projects I’m working on: Angron and his entourage, a chaos defense laser, chaos cruiser, modular trench tables, and conversions out the wazoo.

Since this is my first post, and im easing into it, I am going to keep this short.  Although, most of my postings will probably be short.

So… last night i got bored and started building a model for The Parasite of Motrex, and he turned out pretty stellar.

I used parts from flesh hooks, tyranid warrior mouth, new plastic gargoyle, forgeworld flying rippers, and trygon spikes that were left over from that kit.

Below are a variety of images, when I finish painting him up, I will put up a gallery for the nids.


9 comments on “The Parasite of Mortrex – Conversions are Fun!

  1. I definitely like it a lot. How big is it compared to other bugs? It looks to be about Gargoyle-size, which would be a tad on the small size for my preferences, but you could probably bulk it up with a bit of greenstuff to extend the wing membranes out.

  2. the desciption in the codex says its warrior size. mount it on a medium flying/normal base, and i dont think anyone would complain.oh, and i am stealing this idea, minus the flying ripper legs. im going to give it genestealer rending claws where the fleshborer is supposed to go.

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