NKOTB: Lascannons & Lances

Ok, so my blog is still in it’s infancy—being a scant four months old, but already I’ve gotten a few nods from Maunderings of 40k Gamer & From the Warp’s top ten list (made the list for the first three weeks my blog was in existence!).  Using tracking software like StatCounter & Google Analytics, it’s clear that my traffic skyrocketed when they mentioned my blog.  Inspired by these random acts of kindness, and a recent post by Corbania Prime about starting a new blog, I’ve decided to pay it forward and spotlight a new blogger every month.   

This month’s New Kid on the Block is Lascannons & Lances by Veghist.  He writes with a free-form style on some pretty complex topics, making some technical subjects much simpler and easy to read.  L&L seems focused (at least initially) on the makings of a custom space marine chapter–going over color schemes and chapter heraldry.  But the blog isn’t limited to GW’s favored tin cans: there’s something for everyone.  After reading his inspiring posts on paint pots, laser engraving, and on resin casting, it’s clear that he’s definitely got “The Right Stuff.”  Let’s hope he goes into details on where he picked up his laser engraver (or if he’s farming it out… where!?!?!).

His self-proclaimed purpose is to learn and share with other bloggers.  Well, it’s clear that the sharing part is coming along wonderfully: inside of a month, he’s already turned my head three times—enough to be added to my blogroll.  Hopefully we’re returning the favor with some tips from the rest of us bloggers, as well.  So, if you get a chance, click on over to Lascannons & Lances, he’s sure to be “Hangin’ Tough” for a while…


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