Resolutions for 2010

Ok, so it’s a little late for these, but I was caught up in the continuing saga of evaluating the 5th Edition bugs when the new year ticked over.  Besides, everyone and their mother was posting “New Year’s Resolution” threads, so mine simply would’ve been lost in the shuffle, right?

As for my hobbies, I’ll set forth the following goals:

  • Achieve 130 painting points.
  • Army specific Objectives
    • Base my entire Tyranid Swarm
    • Sell off my Eldar force (non-Exodite)
    • Sell off spare models I’ve collected that I have no intention of ever using (Terminators, Spare Chaos)
  • Coordinate three Apocalypse games (including the recently passed Arctic Apocalypse 2010)
  • Avoid starting any new armies.  Or, if I start a new army, do not use any new money to fund that army–using only what I’ve earned from above)
  • Blog related Objectives:
    • Create 100 blog posts for the year.
    • Inspire at least one of my friends to start a blog (or start posting on my blog)
    • Get mentioned in the “Tuesday Top Ten” post on FTW at least three times
    • Get linked to by more fellow bloggers–perhaps by holding contests?
    • Create army specific pages for each of my established forces displaying the content of each.
  • Avoid starting any MMO’s (they’re the devil)

I’m hesitant to post any more goals, as I’m fairly flighty when it comes to hobbies.  In Alaska (which is seemingly unlike other locations in more than climate), we tend to run our games in cycles.  As a result, I usually focus my attention on one game for 6-12 months, and then put it away for a few years before dusting it off and resuming the addiction.  Additionally, I’ve already set a set of non-hobby related goals on my personal blog, which you’re welcome to check out.  Hopefully I can accomplish them all.

I didn’t have any (hobby related) goals for 2009, so I can’t say whether or not I’ve accomplished them, but I do feel like I’ve done alot.  For a guy that loathes painting (or at least who used to), I’d say I’ve done pretty awesome this past year…

Anywho, happy (belated) New Year to you all.


Image gleaned from a google image search, but I believe the original artist resides at


6 comments on “Resolutions for 2010

  1. It hadn't occurred to me to actually set a *goal* using the painting points system. I just figured I'd track them. Maybe next year, when I've got an idea of what's a lot and what's a little, I can build a goal around that.Where you say “Current Progress: 114 points” in your sidebar, is that total, or for 2010? Because if it's for 2010: 1) WOW and 2) you really need to set a more aggressive goal for yourself. You'll hit that before you're done with February.

  2. Yeah, those 114 points are for 2010, but there are some caveats there. Firstly, I was in a rush to get things painted before our Apoc game last weekend–because painted models just look great in huge games. And secondly, the scheme for my 'nidz is ridiculously easy–despite coming up with what I think is a decent end-product.For example, a space marine takes me an hour each–whereas I can accomplish 20 termagants in about the same amount of time. I don't think I want to set painting points goals much higher (if at all) for next year… but if I still have 'Nidz to paint, I will differentiate between quality of models I'm painting…

  3. That makes sense. Color me impressed! I've been powering through painting an army all month, and I'm rocking only something like 30 points so far!Maybe it'd be worth changing your point scheme, then: if you can point 20 gaunts in the same amount of time you can paint a space marine, then that space marine should be worth ~20 times as many points as the gaunts. Everyone else I know has altered the points scheme somewhat.

  4. Well, I suspect I'll be done with the 'nidz this year–with no reason to expand on them for quite some time. After that, anything I paint will be pretty balanced pointwise though. I'm willing to let it slide this year with a little fluff in my points. That way I can look back and wow myself next year. 🙂

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