Help Name My Hive Fleet, Please!

In the past six months, I’ve gone from a handful of painted nids to over two-hundred painted models.  Without a doubt, my hive fleet is starting to take shape.  Of course, I still need to do their bases (something I said I’d do after I’d painted them all), but there’s a simpler step that I’ve been completely oblivious to.  What do I call this monstrosity?

All of the great Hive Fleets have names.  You can recall Hive Fleet Behemoth–the victims of the Ultramarine defenses at the planet of Mcragge, hive fleet Kraken–that was also defeated by Marneus Calgar and the Ultramarines, and hive fleet Leviathan, ork slayers extraordinaire.  Though all are rich in fluff value, and as cool as it would be to have a hive fleet pitted against my ultramarine army, my color scheme just doesn’t coincide with any of the notable fleets. 

Because of the vast amount of effort it took to model and paint them all, and the fact that the new Tyranid codex was just released, I’m going to name my fleet.  But just what should I call it?

All of the classic fleets have names of giant mythological monsters.  So, I can draw some ideas from there:

  • Chimera
  • Lamia
  • Hydra
  • Colossus
  • Set (not technically a monster, but just a really cool sounding Diety name)

Further examination of popular fleet names (such as Jormungandr) seem to indicate a strong tie to sea-monsters specifically.  That opens up options such as:

  • Scylla
  • Hydra
  • Tarasque
  • Proteus
  • Latis
  • Venelia
  • Hecate
  • Theli

Furthermore, I’m rather fond of the “wet” sounding names of weather patterns:

  • Typhoon
  • Tsunami

Lastly, suitably evil sounding names from the bible:

  • Ophian (which also has ties to both insects and serpents)

With so many choices, I don’t know which way to go.  So, I figured I’d put it up for a vote.  Currently there’s a poll up on my site, with my favorite options from the above list.  I’ll leave it up for two weeks and when the time ends, we’ll have our winner. 

You decide!


25 comments on “Help Name My Hive Fleet, Please!

  1. there are 2 other hive fleets in the new codex, gorgon and naga. you could use those.i personally named my fleet titan, since thats the best i could come up with at the time (havent found a new name after 5 years).really, you can just look for names of lendendary/mythilogical creatures, and take one of those names.

  2. I like Scylla, being a devouring sea beast (though most people will mispronounce it), or Proteus. There's also Charybdis, the great whirlpool / creature from the Odyssey.Anthing Tyrannic I do is from Hive Fleet Oni, as I took the colours from Pit of the Oni.

  3. My recommendation is Echidna. In Greek mythology, Echidna was the mother of all other monsters, and I think it would make a great name for a hive fleet.

  4. Since I like Norse mythology, here are a few:Nidhogg(r), the dragon that devours the roots of Yggdrasil the world treeSurtr, a big fire giantFafnir, a shape-changing dragon from the Niebelungenleid

  5. Funny that you bring that to discussion right now. I was thinking of a name for my swarm too and I came up with Nidhoeggr (or Nidhoggr for better pronunciation) as I used that name as my nickname some years ago before I changed to Managarm.So if you haven't any objections against it, I'd like to pick that name…I think Hydra would suit your hive fleet very well though.

  6. Personally, I would go for Scylla or Ophian myself as they sound coolest. Although I always liked the sound of hive fleet nemesis if I ever collected a tyranid army…..

  7. Yeah? How's Scylla supposed to be pronounced? I suspect I'm saying it wrong.As for the Hive Fleet Oni, I think that's really cool. I can only hope that somebody copies me one day… that's like the ultimate compliment.

  8. You know, I saw your post as well and wondered if you copied me! I quickly changed tunes when I saw that your post was earlier than mine (by 24 hours, no less!). When digging through, I wondered where you came up with Nid-hogger. Does it have some sort of significance–or is it a random thing that just came to mind one day?

  9. I'd go a different direction. I imagine a hive fleet to behave like a horde of Army Ants.Hive fleet Army Ant sounds silly. Army Ants are also known as Legionairre ants, or Marabuntathose are names I can work with.Hive Fleet Legion?We are Hive fleet Legion. prepare to be devoured.Hive Fleet MarabuntaI think it sounds cool. I think the foreign word is a nice touch.those are my recommendations for Hive fleet names.

  10. The “Scy” part is pronounced roughly like like “sill”, as in window sill. The “lla” is basically a “la” sound with a short A (ah). The end of “Priscilla” is very close.

  11. The echidna's an Australian egg laying mammal (and on our 5 cent piece). Also apparently a genus of Moray eel and another name for a type of African viper – but I know of no bugs that share the name.

  12. …hmm I don't really get, what you mean. Until now I haven't posted anything about names for my hive fleet yet. But no need to be afraid, I don't want to copy anything 🙂 That's why I asked if you had any objections against me picking this name.Anyway, Nidhoeggr had no special significance for me. I just chose that name from the nordic mythology (and the usual names as Loki, Thor and so on are, well, too common). Managarm is from nordic mythology as well by the way… So I guess I'll take a name for my bugs from there too.

  13. Unfortunately Hydra is now used in the codex, Scylla and Charybdis I think might also be tendrils but I forget of which Hive Fleet (if I'm not mistaken entirely)Also; I found your review of the new dex by a quick google and have enjoyed it thoroughly. Nice work!

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