The Aftermath: Arctic Apocalypse

I’m sure some people out there are curious about how our recent Apoc battle went.  Was the alien menace decimated by the forces of the God-Emporer, or was the weight of the hive-fleet too much to bear: snuffing the lifeforce out of yet another world?

Well, you’re going to have to wait to find out.  I’m on a plane to Hawaii!

Yup, it’s vacation time, so the blog’s getting put on hold.  I took the liberty to queue up some posts while I’m gone, and I may even sit on a beach and write a few new ones–but I don’t expect I’ll be doing much work at all during that time.  So, the assesment of the new bugs will have to wait until I get back… as well the write-up from the Apoc battle.   Until then, you can wish me great thoughts as I bask in the warm, tropical sun.

Until then, feel free to dig through my previous blog entries, or check out some of the other blogs on my blogroll.  I don’t add people lightly to those links, so if they’ve made it there, they’re sure to be good.  Some particular sites I’d recommend include:

  • Maunderings of a 40k Gamer: great analysis of the game, and even an occasional post showing his great modeling prowess
  • Corbania Prime: A great IG blog by the mastermind behind “The Parade Ground.”  Not only can he paint, but he’s proving to be quite the sculpter as well.  His models always have such character in them…  
  • Dei Greci: Despite being an old guy, there sure is alot of spunk in his models.  I wish I had a quarter of his skill.

Of course, the rest of them are good as well… but enough writing for me: I gotta go soak up some rays…

See you in two weeks!

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