Arctic Apocalypse: Achieved

Well, today’s the day.  Rather than spend my day writing blog posts, I figured I’d focus my energy on the last minute tweaks, list corrections, deployment ideas, modeling, etc. that go into setting up an Apocalypse game.  There’s really a ton of stuff that goes into something like this, everything from just coordinating the people, to what we’ll eat (which is pizza because I don’t own a crock-pot big enough to feed 9 men Kahlua Pig from).

There must be something I forgot…  Oh yeah, the bling.


If you’re fortunate enough to play on Team Bug, you get this limited edition momento of the game.  So, whether we walk away victorious or not from the game, we’ll feel like winners just the same.  (Of course, to the casual passers-by, we’ll likely come across as losers, but as long as we don’t see them snickering behind our backs, our chitinous carapace can shrug off their jeers).

I got the shirts made up from using an image I pulled from google search.  No, I didn’t get permission (shame on me), but these aren’t for resale, and I’ll whole-heartedly plug his site.  The guy who drew the picture is Paul Jeacock, and you can find this picture and more of his artwork at his site:  He has some great examples of work, and I’d love to commission him to do something for me, but he’s way out of my price range, I’m sure.  His site is most definitely worth taking a look into though.  The guy has mad skillz.

As for CustomInk, the quality of the shirt is nice, the printing is fair, and the prices were halfway reasonable (considering I only got 5 shirts printed).  They did mess up my order, and in told, I talked with them on the phone three times.  I will give them credit in that their customer service was amazing.  Even though their product was fair to good, I’d certainly use them again because of their customer service alone.  When the shirts showed up misprinted, they didn’t ask any questions, and promptly shipped replacements to me.  They didn’t ask me to return the “defective” shirts (Of course not–what would they do with a handful of Apoc themed shirts?).   The “defect” in the shirts is they used the wrong image (but it still looks decent)… so in effect, we all got two shirts for the price of one.

I gave them out to my friends (team-mates) as Xmas presents, and ordered a 5th for our missing wingman, Jerm. He moved to Seattle over a year ago, and we haven’t really forgiven him for that–but we do miss ’em just the same.  I haven’t sent him his shirt yet, and it’s supposed to be a surprise, but that spaz doesn’t read my blog anyway, so I can post whatever I want here, and he’ll never know.

By the way, Jerm, your mom is hawt.

As for Team Viktim, no shirts for them.  I toyed with the idea of getting some made up with bullseye’s on them, but decided it was too much money to throw away on shirts they’d likely only wear once (if at all).  Us Nid players are dedicated though.  Expect to see us sporting these bad boys all of the time.

Anywho, if you’ll excuse me.  I have a human race to eradicate…

Go Go Team Bug!

Amazing Tyranid drawing by Paul Jeacock.  More of his work can be found at his website:  He’s done work for GW through both Warhammer & the Black Library comic.  That boy’s got some talent!  Definitely check his site out!


4 comments on “Arctic Apocalypse: Achieved

  1. Good luck with the game – I hope it's a blast.i stumbled across your blog recently and have been catching up on all of your Tyranid reviews. They've been really interesting. I'm about to get into 'nids myself, so it's been very helpful.And cool t-shirts!

  2. Glad to have you stopping by. Keep in mind that the reviews were all written prior to seeing the actual codex (or rather, prior to seeing the English version), so some of the ideas need to be taken with a grain of salt. After I finish the rest of the units reviews, I'll either go back and touch up the old ones, or just do a big consolidated “Oops” post at the end.

  3. That's cool. Even if you had seen the English codex, as you can't have had time for much playtesting, anything you said would have had to be taken with a grain of salt. But the reviews are a very helpful way for me to look at the new codex.Especially as I haven't played against Tyranids since 2nd edition 40K and have never played them myself.I would like to see you do a big, consolidated 'oops' post when you have seen the codex, as it'd be easier to follow what you now thought differently about. Unless you made very clear in your original articles what you had changed. I like to see the thought process, so as long as I could see 'this is what I thought, but this is what I now think', that would be most helpful.As everyone plays slightly differently, the more you know about the thought behind the review, the more you can judge how helpful or relevant it is to you.Keep up the good work!

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