Broodmother Progress: Basecoat Done

Earlier this month, I unveiled a Forgeworld Hierophant for the upcoming Arctic Apocalypse game. Unfortunately, just after I got the thing assembled, my airbrush gave out.

I’d ordered replacement parts for the device online, and when they came in, I was dismayed to find that they didn’t fit.  On a whim, I dug through some of the modeling supplies I had lying around and crudely modified a piece of tube that worked.  As a result, I was able to complete the basecoat of the beast:

The blue is GW Ultramarines Blue, with a gradual blending of GW Ice Blue.  The bone, is simply several light coats of watered down GW Bleached Bone with the tick-marks done in a 50/50 mix of GW Bleached Bone & GW Skull white (heavily diluted in water).  I’m quite pleased with how she’s progressing so far, and at this rate, she’ll easily be ready for the big game.  I might even have time to do up some other big bugs!

One thing I’m dreading though is trying to figure out how to base this thing…  Any ideas?


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